Are you itching to find out about the things you’ll need for the best golf simulator experience? Being able to play a round or two of golf every day without leaving the house is a dream come true for most golfers. It also provides a much-needed exercise for people who are working behind desks all day.

As a matter of fact, only one in three adults gets the recommended amount of physical exercise each week, with less than 5% of adults doing physical activities at least 30 minutes daily. With the typical lifestyle in the modern world, it’s difficult to squeeze an hour or two of exercise into hectic schedules.

Build the best golf simulator at home to get your daily dose not just of exercise but enjoyment as well.


Out of the five items needed for your indoor golf system at home, the simulator is the most important one. Their costs vary depending on quality and brand, but whatever your choice is, it will have a substantial effect on your golf simulation experience.

Each sensor system has its advantages and disadvantages, and there is no perfect simulator that can suit everyone’s needs and preferences. You should choose the one that’s right for you. Consider all factors involved such as accuracy, software integration, your gameplay and style, the way you’re going to use it, the room where you’re going to place it, and most importantly, your budget.


As with any other product, you get what you pay for, as different price levels provide diverse experiences. It’s no different with projectors. You can buy a cheap one thinking you saved a lot of money, but you’ll only end up with a headache once it presents issues in the future.

Choose a projector that is of high quality, can be used for various purposes, and one that will last a long time. Also, make sure that the one you select will work with your simulator software as not every projector is compatible with golf simulators. Some factors you should also consider include the size of the room where you’re going to place it, the lighting of the room, and the resolution requirement of the software you’re going to use.

Golf Mat

Green is what makes golf relaxing, and since there’s no grass inside your home, you need a golf mat to represent it. Although it’s not just for relaxation purposes as it is extremely vital to have a turf mat in golf simulation.

Make sure to choose a durable and high-quality hitting mat that will also be comfortable to stand on and lasts a long time.

Impact Screen

An impact screen is crucial to avoid damaging the walls in your golf room, especially if you’re using a projector. You might also want to put nets around the perimeter of the impact screen to catch any erroneous shots.


You will not be able to run your simulator software if you don’t have the required computer. Even if you already have a computer at home or even a tablet that can run the software, you should still double-check if it meets at least the minimum recommended specifications needed for the software.

It’ll be extremely frustrating to have the computer crash in the middle of a round. If you have the budget, then you can buy a computer with high graphics and specs to be used solely with your golf simulator.

Play Golf at Home

Golf, which originated in Scotland around five centuries ago, had since been a favorite recreational activity of many. However, not everyone can spare a whole day just to go to the nearest golf course to play a few rounds. When you have the best golf simulator at home, enjoying this club and ball sport on a daily basis will not be an impossible feat.

Did you know that the odds of making a hole in one twice in a single round is very slim, at approximately 67 million to 1? You need to practice rigorously every day to be closer to making it a reality.

With the best golf simulator, you’ll be able to work on your golfing skills as much as you can. And, who knows, you might be able to beat the odds and make two holes in one in a single round.

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