Most baseball players are now getting to appreciate the benefits of using rolled and shaved slowpitch softball bats. The ability to hit the ball harder and allow it to travel for a great distance is one of the advantages you are likely to enjoy while playing with a rolled and shaved bat. Furthermore, you get a perfect sweet spot that allows you to perfectly hit the ball with more power. In a bid to enjoy such benefits, the need for bat rolling and shaving services has increased tremendously. More baseball players want to use doctored bats. Unfortunately, there is a catch. The use of doctored bats is not legal in every state or region. It is therefore important to note that as a player, you have to determine if it is legally acceptable by relevant authorities before seeking bat rolling and shaving services. Also, there is the challenge of getting a reliable softball bat shaving and rolling service provider. However, no need to worry. Below are some of the important guiding tips to capitalize on.

The Level Of Expertise

Bat rolling and shaving can also end in a loss. You might end up with a damaged bat that is even much worse than before. This is why you ought to ensure you work with an expert. The entire bat rolling and shaving process should be undertaken with an individual who has sufficient experience and qualifications to offer these services. In doing so, you get a well-rolled and shaved bat that goes a long way to improve your performance. This means you have to assess the qualification and level of experience of the service provider you intend to work with. You can consult with previous clients in order to get information regarding what to expect in terms of quality when you select a certain bat rolling and shaving service provider.

Compare Prices

Despite the fact you want quality rolled and shaved slowpitch softball bats, you do not have to spend a fortune on that project. Therefore, you have to compare the different prices being quoted by service providers before you make your pick. In this instance, you need to go for affordability and quality. You can also capitalize on the discounts being offered so that you do not end up splashing a lot of cash to get your bat rolled and shaved. Reading customer reviews will give you a reliable highlight on some of the options you can consider in terms of service providers. Capitalizing on that critical information will help you save on money and still provide you with a perfectly rolled and shaved softball bat.

Tools and Equipment

Bat shaving and rolling involve getting rid of the composites inside a softball bat. This process is undertaken using a CNC lathe and bat rolling machine. These are critical equipment that any store or firm offering bat rolling and shaving services ought to have. As you search for your ideal service provider, make sure he or she has efficient tools and equipment for creating rolled and shaved slowpitch softball bats. Lack of these crucial tools or use of faulty ones will negatively impact the process of doctoring your bat.


A bat rolling service provider that offers aftersales services such as warranties is a great option. First, it gives you confidence that you are working with a trustable individual or bat rolling and shaving company. Secondly, you can always seek compensation according to the terms and conditions stated in the warranty. Therefore, it helps prevent the [possibility of running into a loss, with poorly doctored bats having already spent a considerable amount of money on the exercise. Whenever you have an issue with your rolled and shaved bat, you can always reach out to the vendor or service provider for repair, maintenance, or even getting a new doctored bat.


Rolled and shaved slowpitch softball bats offer several advantages. From assisting you to improve your swing speed, hit the ball with more power, and to a greater distance, bat rolling and shaving services contribute immensely in enhancing the player’s performance. However, the process of doctoring bats should be undertaken with a lot of care. In that connection, you need an expert to get the best services.

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