Fishing Tips: Where to catch fish

Prior to going to waters, you need to identify the ideal location for fishing. Once, you have found a pond full with fish, you would inevitably be catching plenty of fishes very easily.

Where fish live

There are countless places where fish live.  Ponds, lakes, streams, man-made reservoirs and rivers are worth citing examples in this regard.

Where fish swim

Fish love to swim in weed beds, around sunken islands, deep edges and sandbars. They will swim around fallen trees and boat docks. If you have map of a lake, you can easily point out your identical locations.

Fishing Tips: Fish love live bait!

Eating habits of people and fish are same.  Both of these species do not like a certain kind of food. However, for better fishing, it is necessary to know tastes of fish.  Here goes the list of baits and tips where to find them:

  • Leeches
  • Grubs (insect larvae) – Sometimes they live in your lawn.
  • Hellgrammites (dobsonfly larvae)
  • Salamanders – you can find them in shallow water or marshy land underneath logs.
  • Salmon eggs
  • Mealworms (insect larvae)
  • Minnows (including different species like chubs, dace and shiners) – They are not easy to catch, but you would perhaps identify them in the same bodies of water you fish.
  • Night crawlers and earthworms- they can be found in garden or yard.
  • Crayfish – bait for them can be found under the rocks.
  • Crickets – Outside under rocks or maybe even in your house!
  • Frogs – In swamps, ponds and other areas with still, shallow water.
  • Grasshoppers – they can be found in the fields of tall grass.
  • Wax worms (moth larvae)

Fishing is fun! But remember to stay safe!

Tips for a safe fishing trip

  1. Must wear life jacket tightly. Safety is more important than fishing hence fasten jacket tightly.
  2. Must carry food in your boat.
  3. Sun burning could be very risky hence always use sun screens.
  4. Sun screen should be applied 30 minutes prior to going for fishing.
  5. Your knives and hooks should be sharp and must remain in the tackle box.
  6. Fins are very sharp. Therefore, handle fish with due care.
  7. Listen to radio for knowing about the weather condition. Remember, overcast weather is ideal for fishing.
  8. Your dress should be appropriate enough for fishing. Experts say that joggers should be worn.
  9. You should use bugs spray if possible.
  10. Never fish from roadways and bridges.

Fishing equipment

  1. Rod, reel and line
    You should begin with spin casting reel. The reel should be such which has the button on the back. For beginners, rod sized of 5- to 5 ½-foot is identical.
  2. Tackle
    Floating straight shank hooks are highly recommended. This outfit works impressively with minnows, earthworms and anything that swims in the water. Besides, spinner baits, 1/4- and 3/8-ounce willow-leaf blades in both white and chartreuse. These baits contain good amount of flesh best for attracting fish and supposed to be snag proof. Apart from this, try to use purple colored plastic worms to depict attention of the fish.
  3. Bait bucket
    If you are using minnows then bait bucket is highly recommended to you.
  4. Other items for a pleasant fishing trip
    1. Sun screens
    2. Snacks
    3. Cold drinks
    4. Batteries
    5. Flashlight
    6. Camera
    7. Sun glasses
    8. Jacket and fishing kit

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