Fishing in the Northern Wisconsin Lake is like fishing in the heaven. But, it is not easy for you to catch your favorite fish from Northern Wisconsin Lake. For good fishing, you must know the basic essentials of this area. In this article, we will give you some meaningful tips for fishing Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Lake Trout and Northern Pike.

Smallmouth Bass
For finding the smallmouth bass, it is necessary to understand their patterns.  We have categorized the fishing season timeline.

  • The Spawn
    It is said that from the beginning of June temperature of water happens to grow. They say that as soon as it reaches 59 degrees the bass heads towards shallow water.  During the Spawn you have to only catch males. They prepare and guard the beds in this period. Spinner bait is really ideal to provoke the males’ bass guarding the nest. Try to remain calm and relaxed.  It is not recommended to retrieve fast.
  • Post Spawn
    After spawning, bass seems to be increasing their appetite. Now, you can fish in 8 to 12 feet of water. In the early morning and late evening water is calm, hence, go to water and use top water baits.
  • Summer
    Experts opine that from June 15 to July 15 bass move from 8 to 12 foot water to submerged rocky structure. This is the time to look bass in the rock piles. They said that spinner baits, Jigs, and rattle baits should be used in this season.
  • Late summer
    This period begins from mid July to mid September. The bass are now 21 to 28 feet down in the water. To catch them, never attempt to use heavy stuff.   Experts say that spinner baits and jigs can be used in this period.

>Walleye love to eat fish and can be found any time throughout the year. It is said that for spawning walleye always tend to look for windswept shores or moving water. In cold season they can be easily trapped. To catch them, bait rigs, lead head jigs and twister tails apart from grubs can be used.

Lake Trout
This fish wanders all areas of water. Its preferable temperature is 40 to 50 degree. It can be caught anytime throughout the year. The time to catch lake trout is spring or in the cold temperature. Besides, in summer you have to cast roll baits 60 to 100 feet deep in water.  These lures are best for catching lake trout heavy spinner baits, spoons, Rattletraps, or Bucktail jigs.

Northern Pike
They are supposed to be deadly and dangerous in the North Country lakes. Northern fish are very greedy. They employ their concentration on baitfish.  Their greediness always motivates fishermen to catch them. They can be caught in summer and in spring.

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