The most experienced bass fisher men have shortlisted the top fishing lures. Gone are the days when you had to visit stores for choosing a right collection for smooth fishing. Today, we are going to list down the top lures for catching small and large mouth bass very easily.
Here goes the list:

10. Stick Baits
Stick baits are top water baits. They create disturbance on the surface of the water. This disturbance provokes fish to bite it. Experts opine that “Zara Spook” is the best lure for top water. For good fishing, anglers have to create a swimming motion –through the lure- on the surface. It is said that Zara Spook can attract a bass from as deep as 25 feet.

9. Topwater Poppers
Poppers are grossly known as chuggers. They create splashing and popping sound when you reel your lure. They are engineered in different colors and designs. They have been made as per the appetite nature of bass. Remember, these baits can be used in all waters – whether clean or grassy.

8. Grubs
They are the enemies of gardeners yet they are supposed to be best for fishermen. They come in different size, color and nature. They can be used in hot and cold water. The long tailed grubs can be used for deep water fishing and they are really identical for bass catching. Inevitably, experts will get damn benefit from these grubs. They can be used in any temperature and in any weather condition.

7. Buzzbaits
Buzzbaits are also top water baits. They have flat propeller-like blades which create noisy sound when baits are retrieved. They are generally made from aluminum or hard plastic. These baits come in two shapes U-shapes and in-line with 4 blades in each lure. Though, they had been invented in 1960s yet they are still in use.

6. Rat-L-Trap
This is supposed to be the best bass lure in the history. It has been designed like a small fish. This chrome-colored Rat-L­Trap lure works impressively in shallow water. It is said that their irresistible sound always motivates bass to bite them. These baits had also been invented in 1960s.

5. Spoons
This bait looks like a shoehorn. These lures are made from metal and supposed to be very heavy in terms of weight. It is said that they are ideal for fishing in the grasses, submerged weeds, and mosses. They are merely used for deep water fishing.

4. Jig-and-Pig
They are simple bass lures. They contain a small metal ball on top for depicting the attention of bass. They look like frogs, worms and crawfish. They are really ideal for cold water.

3. Soft Plastic Fluke Baits
These baits are long and narrow plastic lures. They resemble like baitfish – the most favorite food of big bass. They are generally case from a short distance. If you intend to catch big bass, fluke baits are ideal for you.

2. Spinnerbait
Spinner bait is supposed to be the most versatile bait in the tackle box. Spinner bait looks like a paper clip. It is best bait for luring all kinds of bass fish. When you retrieve the lure, it creates a good sound which can easily be heard by the bass. It is versatile and supposed to be grossly used.

1. Plastic Worms
You might have noticed in the fishing stores that there is a wide range of collection of plastic worms. It depends on your choice and experience but most of the experts say that Texas-rigged plastic worm is more effective lure than others. It presents genuine feeling to bass when it swims in the water. The most famous technique of plastic worms is wacky rig.

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