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Wakeboarding is a sport that involved riding a wakeboard over a body of water like a lake or ocean. It’s almost like a mix between water skiing and snowboarding and involves riding a thin board and putting your feet into mounts that are attached to the board, like when you go skiing. A motorboat will pull the wakeboard. It is a fun sport for any level of wakeboarder, and the better someone gets at the sport, the more tricks they can do. Wakeboarding should no be confused with wakesurfing, which is a different water sport!

With summer around the corner, here are three reasons why you should try wakeboarding!

1. It’s easy to learn

In 2015, over 3.2 million people in American tried wakeboarding. It’s truly a great spot that any level of athlete can learn. Whether you have a group of friends who are thinking of taking out the motorboat and wakeboard for al little spin and invite you to come out with them, or you are practicing for a competition, anyone can enjoy this water sport. It can be fun to learn how to create a bigger wake and practicing with friends can help you get better at the sport. It’s no secret why a bigger wake is better: it can help you get more air, practice new tricks, and overall have more fun!

2. It’s just about the fun

While competitions do exist (and the first one can be traced back to Orlando, FL in 1990), the real beauty of wakeboarding is that it is a fun social sport. It’s something that you do during the summer to cool off and feel a little rush. Almost 20 percent (19.6 percent) of Millennials participate in water sports, and with good reason. They are fun summer sports that they can do with friends, and also offers them a fun form of exercise.

3. It’s great exercise

Water sports are great forms of exercise, and for people who don’t really enjoy sweating in the hot summer heat, wakeboarding can offer a way to cool off while also burning calories! A 130-pounds woman can burn about 324 calories wakeboarding in one hour, and the more tricks you learn and air you get, the more you can burn! Exercise is good for boosting your mood, lowering stress levels, and keeping your heart healthy.

Have you ever gone wakeboarding before? Share your favorite stories in the comments!

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