Hot tub sanitizer

If sitting in a 170-to-200-degree room with a series of other people sweating up to two pounds of sweat an hour isn?t your cup of tea, it may be after you consider the effects of a sauna on the human body. The use of saunas, hot tubs, and (for a special occasion) hot spring spas, not only improves your health, studies find, but increases your longevity.

A 20-year-long study on 2,000 Finnish men using saunas anywhere between once to seven times weekly has proven that not only to saunas provide health benefits such as reduced anxiety and stress but can help you live a longer life in general. And it?s not just because sitting in a 170-degree room feels amazing after a long day.

Using a sauna for only 14 minutes up to two or three times a week may lower your risk of coronary heart disease by 23%. This is because of the unique heated conditions of the sauna itself, which can increase the heart rate up to 150 beats per minute, essentially creating the same effect as a moderate exercise activity. Not only that, but the heat of saunas increases vascular dilation meaning it enhances the dilation of blood vessels, allowing your muscles to relax and reducing blood pressure.

The health benefits of saunas are undeniable, but what about the health benefits of a hot tub or the health benefits of a spa? Hot tubs and spas, typically used during leisure activity, do have significant health benefits as well including reduced anxiety, increased respiratory health, alleviation of arthritis and improving flexibility, and a reduction in cardiovascular problems.

Consider utilizing hot tubs and saunas at your local gym or spa to reduce health risks such as stroke, heart failure, and hypertension. Or, if you prefer your own private hot tub, consider purchasing one for as low as $5,500. According to Swim University, ?If health professionals advise you to use hydrotherapy as a regular program, and this is your primary reason for using a hot tub, your purchase may qualify for an income tax deduction as a medical expense.? Well-constructed hot tubs can also last you quite a while, as long as 18 years or even longer, giving you quite a lot of health benefits for your buck.

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