Custom pom poms

Did you know that there are nearly 4 million cheerleaders in the U.S.? And about 400,000 of those cheerleaders are high school students. Cheerleading is a relatively new sport in the U.S. — originally it was an all-male activity, and ?All Star cheer? wasn?t really formed until the 1980s. Today, though, cheerleaders are a recognized part of sport events, and most people acknowledge that cheering is, in itself, an intensive sport worth of recognition as such.

Part of being on a cheerleading team is organizing events both for team spirit and for funding purposes. If you?re part of a cheerleading high school team, there are a few things you should keep in mind for the upcoming year.

1. Fundraise With Easy Grab Items

Everyone is familiar with bake sales — and this is because they work. It?s easy to make $15 to $20 off a brownie mix you bought for $2, because people genuinely appreciate the convenience of a quick and affordable snack. You?ll still be undercutting Starbucks? prices! Ask your school if you can set up a table for fundraising. Another option is to buy a party pizza and sell slices at $1 each. You?ll easily sell out to hungry after-school teens, and it doesn?t require as much prep — just some investment cash and people to serve the pizza.

2. Green Fundraiser

Want to help out the environment? There are a number of ways to pay for your cheerleader pom poms while still going green. For instance, you can announce that you are collecting soda cans and other recyclable items in your neighborhood, and go around one day door-to-door. This can help out your local community considering that many people are just too busy to be bothered getting five cents a can, but these cans can quickly add up for you and your friends. Another consideration: do fundraising for eco-friendly items from your favorite organization. Cleaning products are often quite popular.

3. Give Clear Goals, Like Cheer Poms

If someone came up and asked you for $1, you might say no. If they ask you for money for a $1 sandwich at the place next door, though, you might be more willing. This is to say that people like seeing specific goals for your money so that they understand what you?re asking them for, and can visualize their contribution. If you?re raising money for cheer poms, don?t be afraid of telling people this. In fact, it can be a good idea to print out pictures of the specific metallic pom poms or plastic pom poms that you?re aiming for. This also gives you a chance to explain why these cheer poms make a difference in your routine/competitions.

Are you raising money for custom pom poms? What strategies Have you employed? Let us know!

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