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Did you know that the average income for a photographer last year was a little under $31,000? If you?re a photographer, this is the year you should start upping your game. But how?

One thing that will make a difference is having expert equipment — another thing that will make a difference is advertising your photography better. Having an Instagram is a great way to get some attention for your causes.

How can you start making more money this year? Here?s a few things you should keep in mind.

Know the Light

Not surprisingly, camera phones perform better in well lit areas. Both lowlight and backlight can create problems for iPhone users — ?blue hour? and ?golden hours? are your ideal times for getting shots with your phone. Also important: take photos with the native photo app, rather than with Instagram. This allows you to take multiple shots more easily and then choose among them for an appropriate Instagram photo. This will also give you more options for cropping later, while having the entire photo to work from in the beginning.

Use Third Party Apps

Thankfully, Instagram now allows users to import pictures from their camera roll. This means you can go and edit images in other apps, and then import them to your camera. There are always a few reliable programs available. Snapseed, Anticrop, Afterlight, and VSCO Cam are several popular examples. VSCO is even free with In App Purchases, and the majority of users looking for photo-processing apps will rely on this one heavily. They can handle all of the major adjustment needs, whether it?s temperature, exposure, balance or sharpness.

Interact With the Community

Part of what makes Instagram a strong media platform is the sense of community. By using hashtags, you can more easily have your shots viewed by others in your network. This can serve as a very important promotional tool for you and any other aspiring photographers.

Get Better Tech, Like a Super Slow Motion Camera or 1000 FPS Camera

Realistically speaking, anyone can figure out how to use photo apps. What can often make a difference in what you offer potential customers of your craft is the equipment you can use. Phantom slow motion cameras, for example, can capture movement and shifting light in a way no one with just an iPhone could do. On the other extreme, having an ultra high speed camera can get you hired for sport events. A 1000 FPS camera or even a 10000 FPS camera will help you stand out from the crowd.

Let us know; are you trying to get your Instagram up to professional standard, or are you considering purchasing a 1000 FPS camera? There’s a lot of ways to improve your photography game — these are just two.

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