Ski jackets

Adrenaline produces some of the most intense, lively feels that one can imagine. For this reason outdoor sports like skating, bicycling, and snowboarding are becoming adopted by adrenaline junkies across the globe as they look for the next big thrill.


In many parts of the world, people don’t have cars to get them around. If Americans made just one four-mile round-trip by bicycle instead of car every week, we would burn almost 2 billion fewer gallons of gas every year. A national survey found that 33% of bicyclists ride bikes for recreation while 28% say they do so for exercise or health reasons. Properly maintaining a bicycle is a must for bicyclists; it is recommended that a bike is cleaned every 20 to 25 rides or more frequently when it gets dirty in order to stave off major repairs.


Roller skates and skateboards became popular in the 1970s before the premier of the first X Games further popularized extreme sports in 1995. Skaters can easily attain speeds reaching 25 miles per hour when inline skating with Canadian Mischo Erban holding the world record for the fastest downhill skateboarding at a staggering 129.94 km/h (80.74 mph. Proper equipment like elbow pads and helmets are necessary to prevent injury and keep skating safely.

Winter Sports

Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding have increased in popularity since the inclusion of both sports in the Winter Olympics and X Games alike. There are 477 ski resorts scattered throughout the United States and countless recreational ski stores, some of which offer professional ski rentals. The right skis, snowboards, and equipment is crucial for safety, comfort, and performance purposes — proper clothing attire for winter sports includes hats, ski pants, ski jackets, boots, and layers of clothing to keep warm. Specialty ski jackets and other ski equipment can be bought or rented depending on location. Don’t get caught in the cold, with the proper equipment anyone can learn how to ski or snowboard in style.

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