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America is truly a paradise for those who love the outdoors. There are an estimated 38 million Americans who hunt and fish and many take their families on trips to get away from the stress of everyday life. Being prepared for your outdoor adventure is essential to ensure that everyone has a comfortable, relaxing time. Everything down to the cooler you use can have an impact on your trip; don’t be caught unprepared.

Camping Coolers

There is nothing quite like getting away from the city to do some remote camping in the great outdoors. Given the nature of camping in the wilderness, campers are wise to invest in precautionary equipment to ensure that their trip isn’t ruined by the wildlife. Bears have a keen sense of smell that is up to seven times more powerful than that of a dog’s. Investing in a bear-proof cooler can help keep your food safe by concealing the scent. Although bear-proof coolers and products are deemed safe if they can survive a solid hour of contact with a bear, it is still advised that campers cook at least 100 feet away from their campsite to ensure that bears stay away.

Fishing Coolers

Lakes, ponds, and oceans offer a bounty of fish just waiting to be caught. Fishing isn’t just a hobby, it is a way of life with its own philosophy. About 81% of fishing trips are spontaneously planned within a week or so of the actual trip and 82% involve more than just one person. Getting the right kind of fishing cooler is a must for fishing enthusiasts, as the thick, durable coolers are nearly indestructible and keep ice for hours longer than traditional coolers. Fishing coolers come in a variety of sizes with typical cooler sizes large enough to fit a good-sized red snapper and larger cooler sizes for sport fish like tuna or wahoo. Picking the right kind of outdoor cooler can compliment any outdoor adventure.

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