Modern outdoor seating

If you’re the capital gains manager of a school, municipality, or any other organization that harbors large venues for organized sports, then you’re going to find yourself in a position sometime where you have to choose some quality, modern outdoor seating. In order to ensure you buy something sturdy and appropriate, you should consider the following factors carefully:
1. The size of the venue. The effectiveness of modern outdoor seating often depends on the sheer volume of seating offered. So ask yourself, are the bleachers you need for a baseball field or a football field, for example? The average baseball stadium holds about 45,000 guests, whereas the average football stadium can handle up to 70,000. Knowing the amount of seating you’ll need will help you figure out the second factor…
2. The budget. Bleacher prices range from a few hundred up to a few thousand dollars, and so you have some flexibility here. Knowing the quantity you need and the price range can help you do a few projections and confront other trade-offs you may or may not be willing to make, such as…
3. Desired capacity. Depending on the materials used, some bleachers will have higher weight capacities than others. Obviously the sturdier the bleacher the safer the bleacher, and most modern outdoor seating should be able to hold a fair amount of weight without exhibiting any swaying tendencies.
4. The weatherproof factor. Quality outdoor seating won’t be easily susceptible to rust or oxidization. It also won’t get too slippery when wet, which can promote injury. If you plan on using the bleachers for a long time and want to avoid any liability, weatherproofing is something you’re going to want to look into.
5.Portability. If your bleachers are going to stay stationary, such as in a gym or pre-determined outdoor area, then this might not be important to you. However if you’re an entertainer or a traveling team of some sort, light, easy-to-convert portable capability might be the number one factor in your choice. It’s all about knowing your goals, so take some time to think about this.
6. Theft proof or no? Is there some sort of locking mechanism or installment procedure that makes the bleachers you’re considering less susceptible to theft or vandalism? Maybe a chain, foundation rods, or surrounding fence? If theft is something you worry about in regards to the bleachers, at least one of these features is optimal.
You’ve probably heard the popular adage, “The more the merrier.” In today’s world, this should really be extended to “…Unless that idiot public manager didn’t order enough bleachers. Then more is annoying and impossible.” So keep this in mind, order smart, and please, share what you ultimately go with in the comments section below.

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