It’s not exactly a secret that you have a bit of a bird phobia. They are fine from a distance, but for some strange reason, you are terrified when they are up close. That is why the trip to the garden one day last week was so eventful. You went to check your tomato plants to see if anything needed picking and this little bird was was in your tomatoes! You nearly about died of fright. To compound matters, the bird would not fly away. Fortunately, you were down in the garden with your daughter and both dogs and this bird just sat there staring at us. And while you were attempting to keep your distance distance, your daughter and the dogs were not. The ripe tomatoes were finally harvested and brought into the house but you are still a bit freaked out and obviously you will now plan to do your tomato picking later on in the afternoon. You only hope that this feathered not so much of a friend has found a new home by then.

Given your aversion to birds, not your daughter and your son were somewhat questionable when your husband suggested that this year’s end of summer vacation should be a fly fishing adventure. With the plans that you had for the beach cancelled because of Covid 19, your husband wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you and the kids to one of the things he enjoyed doing with his own father. The photos of your husband, his dad, and his brother donned in fly fishing outfits and loaded down with fly fishing tackle bags are some of the family favorites and your husband is eager to create new memories with you and the kids. Your son and daughter, of course, joked that with the work fly involved in the fishing it might mean that you would be face to face with more of your feathered enemies.

In spite of the teasing you agreed to the outing and the end result was nothing short of magical. You now how have your own family photos of the adventures at the river, fly fishing tackle bags, outfits, and all. And, luckily, no attack birds decide to attend the fly fishing party!
An Investment or Rental of Fly Fishing Tackle Can Lead to Some of the Best Family Memories

As families across America readjust their vacation plans during the pandemic it is important to note that there are still plenty of safe and enjoyable outdoor activities. Fly fishing is at the top of the list. As a sport of isolation to begin with, the acquisition of fly fishing tackle bags, rods, reels, and hip weighers can make for a great family tradition. There are few easier ways to escape the 24/7 news cycle than going out into the great outdoors. Surrounded by a symphony of running water and a backdrop of some of the most idyllic scenery, fly fishing tackle bags can lead you to some of the places that few people ever get to experience. And if you are not up for purchasing all of the necessary fly fishing accessories, there are plenty of places where you can hire a guide and rent the equipment.

And while there may have been plenty of old fishing tales that talk about this being a sport for retired old men, the latest statistics show that as many as 60% of recreational fishing participants in the year 2017 were under the age of 45. In fact, just a year later in 2018, 20.38% of respondents between the ages of 18 to 29 years stated that they went fishing in the last 12 months.

Whether you are a fan or live in fears of birds, bees, fish and the great outdoors, the fact of the matter is most of Americans are going to find that the best and safest vacation options are going to be outside for the near future. If you are looking for a way to escape the news and the politicians for a few days or a long week, a fly fishing trip may be just the answer you relooking for. Are you ready to join the great outdoors?

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