Fly fishing is one sport that does not have many necessities but rather open to different opinion, improvement and modifications. This means that there is no absolute or standard way of fly fishing but rather, anglers are allowed to choose whatever method suits them the best. When choosing a fly fishing reel, there are so many options to choose from. This is what makes many anglers encounter challenges when choosing custom fly reels. The main question is what qualifies a good custom fly reel. Once you are able to understand the specific features of a fly reel that makes it of superior standards, then analyze the supporting features that make it better than similar products in the market. A common mistake that people make when buying fishing gear is making their purchases without having some fundamental knowledge of the tools they intend to use. Whether you are buying custom fly reels, discount fly rods, fly reels, sage fly reels, fly fishing gear bags or fly fishing tackle bags, it is your knowledge on how to use these items that should help you find the right one. If you are unaware of what to look for in custom fly reels, ask for recommendations from someone who is an expert in fly fishing. The input from such people can help you find the right one instead of making a blind purchase only to realize that you bought the wrong custom fly reels. Below are some of the key factors you should consider when choosing custom fly reels.

The Weight of the Reel
Just like the fly rods and lines, custom fly reels come in different weights meaning that you should know that it is this weight that is a representation of the capacity on the fly line. Ideally, fly lines that are heavy have the ability to be cast further compared to the lightweight reels. The ability to be cast further is made even better by the fact the reel weight also has an effect on the kind of fish that it can handle. When you have the right weight, then your fishing experience is total/y different. In most case, fly fishing is mostly for recreational purpose meaning that nobody wants to put extra effort in an activity that is supposed to be enjoyable. The heavier the reel, the higher your chances of actually landing some fish. If you already own a line and a rod, always make sure that the reel you have choose has the ability to handle both the length and weight of the fly line. The good thing is that when you are buying custom fly reels, they come with information detailing how much weight and backing they can handle. Use this information to help you choose the right reel depending on the kind of fishing you are seeking. This information is actually made possible to help you narrow down the search when choosing the right reel.

The Drag System
The drag system of your reel is also a key factor when determining which one is right for you especially depending on the kind of fishing you are out fishing. There are two types of drag systems that are applicable by most reels depending on the kind of reel you are using. Experienced anglers can tell you which kind of drag system is perfect for which kind of fish depending on how hard these fish fight. Hard fighting fish are best handled using the disc drag system as they allow the angler to apply some extra force with ease without the possibility of losing the fish. The click and pawl drag system has for many years been used by anglers to catch relatively bigger fish. Although seen as more of a traditional drag system, it is widely preferred especially in deep sea fishing and only involves applying some easy drag using the palm of your hands. The disc drag system is preferred on the basis of its stealth and reliability. Choosing the right custom fly reels is not always easy especially if you don’t know what to look. With the right criteria though, you are guaranteed of finding the right custom fly reels.


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