One great way to stay fit and healthy is to take an active interest in a sport that involves rigorous physical exercise. It can be even more enticing if the sport is a popular one and requires you to learn and master specific skills and techniques, making it a real challenge. Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the country and if you are an enthusiast looking to improve your game, there is a lot you can do to make the process easier and more intuitive.

There are several routes you can take in order to get better at baseball. Rigorous practice and a close understanding of all the little details and nuances of the game can definitely help you get closer to your goal. Time spent on the field can help you develop the right muscle memory, cultivate your hand-eye coordination, and get better at all the skills and techniques that you need to excel in the game.

However, there is another important part where you can take some immediate action to improve your game. This involves taking a look at factors that might act as a hindrance to you being able to fully express your skills and technique in the field. Identifying these areas and making sure that all your tools are the best suited for the full expression of your skills can be a great idea. This is where rolled and shaved bats can really be a great help.

Baseball bats you buy from the store can have certain limitations. These bats need to be used liberally for a length of time before they can reach their full potential. These limitations can be immediately overcome if you consider the use of doctored bats like shaved bats and rolled bats. These processes are meant to simulate the seasoning of the bat that usually comes with prolonged use. They can also offer other important advantages, making sure that you get to play the best version of your game and your skills and technique can shine through without any hindrance.

Shaving and rolling are processes that make use of mechanical alteration of the bat to achieve specific results. The aim of the process might be to take a little weight of the bat or to add weight to specific places in order to generate more power with every swing. The first process is shaving and this involves taking off a small quantity of material from the inner walls of the bat. Using a lathe machine, the bat is turned and a small amount of material is uniformly removed from the bat. This mainly increases the bounce of the bat and ensures that you get more distance from every hit.

Rolled bats offer a different advantage. This process replicates the seasoning of a bat after long use without any of the wear and tear that it is certain to experience during that use. Rolled bats are created by putting the bat through two rollers that apply even pressure. This effectively breaks down the wood fibers in the bat and causes them to compress. This results in improved flexibility while also lending extra pop and bounce to the bat.

Using shaved and rolled bats can have quite an impact on your game. On average, these procedures have been found to add anywhere from 5 MPH to 10 MPH to the ball speed after a hit. Without having to make any changes to your swing technique and without having to expend more power, you would be getting the benefit of hitting the ball harder, making it go faster, and getting it to cover more distance. With great technique, this can really be a great way to remove hindrances from your swing and make sure that your skills really come out.

It is important to remember that using doctored bats might not be allowed in some leagues and associations. Before taking your game to the field, it is a good idea to check if the use of shaved or rolled bats is allowed in the game.


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