Do you like to ride on boats and go out onto the water for some fun? You are not alone: millions of Americans are boating enthusiasts, and many of them actually own a boat. It is believed that 90% of Americans live within an hour’s drive or so from a body of water suitable for boats, so this hobby is an easy one for just about anybody. Better yet, anyone who doesn’t want to buy their own party boats or pontoon boats can look into pontoon rentals instead, or rent some great speed boats for a day of fun at a lake. Party pontoon boats may vary in size, shape, features, and condition, so a renter is urged to check them out in person before putting any money down for pontoon rentals. So, how big is the boating industry today, and what can someone do for fun at a lake? Racing, fishing, partying, and more are all waiting out there.

Americans and Boats

Some working Americans make their livelihood on boats, such as fishing boats, but for the most part, Americans are getting onto boats for fun. Statistics say that around 87 million Americans take part in recreational boating, and anyone who doesn’t own a boat is renting one from local marinas. In fact, this all makes for a huge industry that supports a lot of jobs. It is believed that the American recreational boating industry, as a whole, has a yearly economic impact of just over $121.5 billion, which is factoring in direct, indirect, and induced spending. All of this supports 650,000 direct and indirect American jobs and some 35,000 small businesses (those with under 500 employees). Many people today are working hard to build boats, repair them, work at a marina, or sell them. Anyone who owns a boat can buy them at the lot of a retailer and tow it home on a wheeled trailer, and drive it up to a body of water for use. Renter, meanwhile, can visit a marina for rentals.

Speedboat and Pontoon Rentals Done Right

What should a renter keep in mind when they are looking for pontoon rentals? They can do some preliminary research online to look over their options, and get an idea of how large the rented boat should be and what sort of features they want it to have. Finding local marinas can be pretty easy this way, and once the renter has some idea of what they want, they can visit the marine and meet the staff. Now, the renter will look over some pontoon boats in person, and check each boat for issues such as worn out or stained carpeting, trouble unfolding the awning, damaged seat upholstery, or cracks or holes in the hull. If allowed to, the renter can also take the boat for a short drive, to ensure its motor is working well. A few boats can be tested this way until a fine boat is found for rental.

Now that a boat is rented, how is it used? Pontoon boats are different from speedboats; they have a more leisurely pace, and they are not good for racing. But they do have wide and large bodies, and they feature couches and seats, as well as small tables and cup holders. This makes pontoon boats a great choice for parties or leisurely boating to go sightseeing, and several people can comfortably have a picnic or similar party on board. If it’s sunny out, or starts raining, the pontoon boat’s awning can be unfolded for shelter. Also, these boats tend to have safety railings, and this makes them safer for going fishing (in case anyone is yanked forward when they catch a fish). Many anglers like to rent pontoon boats to find a good fishing spot they can’t access from shore.

Speedboats, by contrast, only seat one or two people, but they go much faster and are ideal for racing. These boats also kick up strong wakes, so they are a fine choice for wakesurfing and wakeboarding. Innovated in the late 1980s, both sports involve a rider on a surfboard of sorts, trailing behind the boat and riding on its wake. Surfers stay closer to the boat, while wake-boarders are further away and hang onto a rope.

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