Looking to acquire a new personal watercraft? This article is for you. There’s no better feeling than jetting on the water against the waves. Understandably so, research shows that over 5 million boats are currently in use in the United States.

With a combination of power, agility, and speed, a sea doo is an excellent option. Getting a good sea doo dealer is one thing; getting your hands on a good sea doo is another. When choosing a personal watercraft, consider the following factors;

Sea Doo Seating

Depending on how many people you are taking the ride with, you can choose between 1 to 3 seaters.

A three-seater is a perfect choice for two people riding together, a couple, for instance. A two-seater is suitable for a solo rider as it gives you more room and comfort. One-seaters are lighter, easier to handle and maneuver with.

If your craft is intended for law enforcement or monitoring purposes, consider getting one with three seats. One for the operator, spotter, and the person being towed. The more seats you have, the easier your craft will adapt to your changing needs.

Having more seats makes it comfortable to ride while standing, especially in rough water, thus saving your spine.

Consider Your Budget

Decide how much you are willing to spend and stick to that.

Compare the prices of different sea doo dealers and compare their prices. Don’t just go for a cheaper option, but ensure it meets your quality standard and preference.

Timing is key. Making a purchase would be best in Fall or Spring when the sea doo dealer is clearing inventory. Be on the lookout for sales discounts and promotions.

Consider Buying a Used Sea Doo

Most dealers offer used boats for sale. Find one to hook you up.

As a new rider, starting with a used boat is a good idea as you work to build skills, confidence, and become comfortable with your watercraft.

The watercraft you start with is prone to scratches, dents, and accidents. Getting a used boat helps you to learn how to reduce these mishaps, so when you finally upgrade to a new one, you will be experienced and can better care for your new watercraft.

Be sure to properly check the maintenance records and get a mechanic to check it out for you before purchase. Go for a test drive to ensure everything works as intended.

The Type of Water

Where do you intend to use your sea doo? Freshwater or saltwater, mostly oceans? Riding in the ocean involves challenging conditions such as high waves. Freshwater, on the other hand, means lesser challenging conditions.

For the rough ocean waters, get a larger watercraft since they easily handle such.

Take precautions when riding in salty water. Thorough cleaning after a ride is vital. Run the interior of the boat with fresh, clean water to flush out salty water. Clean the engine of any traces of brackish water, but be careful not to get the electrical components wet.

Properly cleaning the outside covering and do not forget the hull. Proper cleaning helps reduce the possibility of the boat developing rust and also increases its lifespan.

Consider Insurance Costs

Most home appliance insurance policies do not cover personal watercraft, so get one that covers your sea doo explicitly.

Shop around for a policy that covers damage to you and those you are riding both for personal injuries and damage to the craft.

An insurance company might consider the following before covering you;

  • The watercraft’s model and year of manufacture.
  • The current value of your watercraft.
  • Previous insurance history.

Consider the Warranty

Buying a sea doo is a major purchase. Ensure the watercraft dealer offers a warranty. Big brands offer between 2-3 years’ warranty.

The basic warranty covers components such as the engine, steering, pumps, seals, and gaskets, while comprehensive warranties cover the mechanical parts too.

Carefully read the warranty to understand what it covers.


Are you ready for a ride in your watercraft? A sea doo is a fun toy to have and riding on the sea against the waves is adventurous. You can also ask your sea doo dealer in Michigan for some more tips, especially in regard to maintenance.

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