Advancements in technology in the sporting industry have seen the development of virtual reality simulation games that allow players to enjoy and have a much similar experience they’d normally get in real games. If you’re into golfing and want to enjoy more of the game without having to depend on others to play or worrying about bad weather, you may want to consider building a home golf simulator. An indoor golf simulator consists of many different components and can be set up anywhere in your house —home, garage or office.

Building your own golf simulator can be a challenging task, especially if you’re not familiar with the materials and components required for a complete home golf simulator. Some of the common things to keep in mind when building a golf simulator include the price, available space, and features. Most importantly, you should consider whether this is a short-term or long-term goal to determine how much you’re going to spend.

If you’re building an experimental golf simulator that you’d be upgrading with time, then consider buying less expensive materials. For a permanent indoor simulator, invest in expensive components that offer you superior performance and durability.


For the simulator software to run you’ll need a computer, iPad or smartphone. The computer helps the simulator to communicate with other components making the system. Consider the key features when buying a computer such as storage space, graphics card, and main memory capacity. You can use the family computer but it’s recommended to have a dedicated computer for simulating the game.

Golf Simulation Software

Golf simulation software is usually included in the simulation package and it’s a vital component that allows golfing. The software is designed with the necessary graphics that create a realistic golfing experience. Importantly, golf simulation software will measure shot details such as spin rate, distance off-center, backspin, total distance, launch angle and more. Some software will also allow you to create your own courses. These features are only limited to certain types of simulator software. To enjoy a full golf simulator experience, you should consider buying a paid golf simulation software.

Golf Hitting Mats

Since you cannot use grass for a home golf simulator, you will need something with similar functions such as practicing or hitting mats to play comfortably. A quality mat allows you to take perfect shots, improve your golf swing and ball flight. Best of all, it’s not a must you use the simulator when practicing your shots on the hitting mat.

Hitting Net

Hitting nets and screens are used to protect the wall from errant shots and preventing any damage and injuries. When playing with an indoor golf simulator, you need a solid net that improve your practice shots and relay the ball back to you effortlessly. The screens are used to protect the projector from flying balls. As an alternative to projectors, you can use a computer screen or connect it to a TV.

Simulator or Launch Monitor

This is a vital part of home golf simulators and it’s necessary for measuring shot details and other important golfing aspects. A launch monitor helps to improve your golf swing and experts recommend this component for any regular or professional golfer. If you’re looking to buy a simulator, consider it’s durability and ability to accurately control and improve your ball flight.

When it comes to setting up the home golf simulator, consider these three important aspects -room space, width, and depth. You need a room with adequate space to freely swing. The width of the room will also determine if both right and left-hand players can comfortably play. Lastly, the depth of your golf simulator room should also be sufficient to allow shot accuracy. An ideal depth should be between 15 feet to 23 feet.

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