In many parts of the country, the weather is still pleasant enough to enjoy outdoor activities. One such activity that people of all ages enjoy is wakeboarding and other water sports. In addition to wakeboarding, many adults in the U.S., including millennials, enjoy recreational boating, jet ski activities, and sunbathing on pontoon boats. And rightly so. Water activities such as these are relaxing and offer people a chance to unwind and enjoy the company of others without having to worry about work and other stressful things.

According to studies from 2017, an estimated 13.4 percent of people in the U.S. participated in some sort of water sport that year. On average, about 19.6 percent of millennials enjoy water sports of some kind in a given year. Of all the different water sports to choose from, more than 87 million adults in the U.S. took part in recreational boating. Additionally, according to surveys from 2016, an estimated 2.91 million Americans took part in wakeboarding. Wakeboarding is a particularly popular water sport and typically requires the use of a wakeboard boat and wakeboarding ropes. Wakeboarding ropes are longer than wakesurfing ropes and measure anywhere between 52 and 78 feet long.

Jet skiing is another popular water sport. A jet ski is a personal watercraft that can accommodate up to four grown adults, depending on the model of the jet ski. Additionally, depending on the model, a jet ski is capable of reaching speeds between 15 mph and 60 mph. Over the years, jet skis have come a long way in terms of functionality. When they were first created, riders had to stand up to ride and operate the watercraft. However, in the 1980s, the design of jet skis changed, allowing people to sit while riding their jet skis. For many people, having more freedom to sit and move around on a jet ski makes the watercraft more comfortable and easy to operate.

Pontoon boats are also popular during the warmer months. Not only are they great for BBQs and sunbathing, but depending on the motor attached to the pontoon boat, the watercraft can reach high enough speeds to pull a tube behind it. With so many options for fun, it’s no wonder why water activities are so popular across the country.

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