For a summer getaway that has everything, it’s difficult to beat Lake Berryessa. Camping, hiking, fishing and water sports make this a peaceful or exciting holiday. For variety, there are other nearby Napa valley attractions like vineyards, arts and music festivals. But what makes this a really memorable holiday destination is the lake with its calm, mysterious waters and the water sports. You can choose jet ski activities and wakesurf boat rentals.

A holiday at Lake Berryessa
Lake Berryessa is the largest manmade lake in Napa valley, and is famous for its clean, clear waters. This, along with its proximity to the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento, makes it a favorite destination in the area for residents and visitors alike. The lake was formed by flooding when the Monticello dam was constructed in the 1950s.
The lake still serves as a source of water and hydroelectricity, and it’s a popular summer getaway. Visitors have a choice of accommodations, including two campsites, and whole range of activities on water and land. Many resorts have marinas and offer boat rentals.

Things to do at the lake
The best thing about a holiday at the lake is that is can be peaceful or exciting, or both in the right proportions. For peaceful relaxation on or by the water, there’s excellent fishing with both warm water and cold water species. The adjoining Cedar Roughs Wilderness has many hiking trails and some unique flora and fauna. The lake is also used for seaplane landings.
On the water, there are plenty of options for renting a personal watercraft. You may choose the relaxing option of spending the day on a pontoon boat, or go for water sports like jet skiing and wake surfing. For wakesurf boat rentals, most marinas stipulate that the renter should be 18 years of age or older.

Water sports at Lake Berryessa
Water sports are a popular summer activity, with about a fifth or 19.6% of Millennials participating. Jet skiing, recreational boating, and wake surfing are popular activities. As many as 87 million Americans choose recreational boating on board personal watercraft each year. At Lake Berryessa, water sports enthusiasts can find wakesurf boat rentals for an exciting afternoon or pontoon boat rentals for relaxing with family and friends.
Pontoon boats come with amenities like on-board barbecue, stereo, and luxurious seating for all guests. They’re also easy to handle, and can show a surprising turn of sped when necessary. Best of all, dogs are welcome on board! The Narrows area at the Lake, nearest to the dam, is especially popular with boaters. There are also special areas for swimming, which are closed to boaters for safety.

Whether you spend a week at Lake Berryessa or just a weekend, it will be a memorable vacation. With plenty of things to do on and off the water, and all kinds of water sports and wakesurf boat rentals, it’s the epitome of a summer getaway.

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