For years the United States has been considered an automotive country. According to Corsia Logistics, the average American family relies on 2.26 as its main mode of transportation daily. However, in recent years, motorcycling in the States has begun to garner a lot of attention. In fact, according to the Department of Transportation, about 8.4 million motorcycles were registered to private citizens and commercial organizations in 2011.

There are many factors to why people have decided to trade-in their four wheels for two. For one motorcycling and dirt biking are great ways to save some money in transportation. On average the fuel consumption of a motorcycle is about 35 to 40 miles per gallon. In contrast, the average fuel economy of an economy class car is 24.7. Most of this is due to weight reduction. Mainly the gas tank.

Some tanks on larger bikes can be up to eight gallons. On some dirt bikes, the tanks can be as small as two gallons. For experimental purposes let’s say your bike holds 7 gallons, and it currently takes $25 to fill your tank. Now let’s say you tend to fill up every week (highly unlikely but bear with us). That is only $1,300 a year. Most cars, on average, will cost about $5,000 yearly on gas alone. The trip to your local Polaris dealer might cost you more money than riding.

Motorcycling Is a Cheaper Alternative

If you were to visit your local Polaris dealer, you would be welcomed to a litany of motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, and dirt bikes. Many of which would be brand new on the showroom floor. While the new flashier models can be haggled down for a better price, used vehicles could suit you better with great benefits.

The price is one of them. It is not uncommon to find a great deal on a five or seven-year-old model that will meet many of the needs you are looking for. Often with an older model, your local Polaris dealer might be able to work out a deal by offering other incentives. You could be looking for a used boat for sale and end up getting a used bike that has been taking up space on the showroom.

With a Cheaper Bike Maintenence Could Go Down

Motorcycling provides a high amount of speed with a low amount of maintenance. This does not mean that you will never have to bring in your bike or ATV, but it does mean you can do a lot of the work on your own. Most of the time it can be done on a Saturday. Wrenching on your motorcycle is 50 percent of riding. For the jobs that are too big, you can always visit your local Polaris dealer. More often than not they will have a mechanic on-site that will help with the bigger issues. Don’t let another season riding pass you by. Head to your local Polaris dealer and start riding.

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