While many people enjoy boating during the warm summer months, enjoying the water can be done in the wintertime as well.

Since they were first invented in the 1920s, snowmobiles have accumulated a large following the in North America, particularly in the United States. The snowmobiling industry alone has an annual impact of $26 billion on the US ec More than 100,000 full-time jobs are snowmobile-based in North America and more than a million snowmobiles are registered in the United States alone.

Snowmobiling can be a great way to stay active. Did you know that the average person can burn more than 200 calories an hour while snowmobiling? Spending on a snowmobile gives you plenty of exposure to light too, which can strengthen your immune system and boost your mood, especially during the cold winter months.

If you’re looking to upgrade your winter ride and sell your snowmobile there are many things to consider when offering used snowmobiles for sale. If you’re selling your snowmobile, here are five tips to get your noticed and sold:

  • Take a photo: With buy, sell and trade pages on social media, pictures are everything these days. You’ve probably heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s still as true today as it was 20 years ago. Without a photo, people may skip right past your ad. But taking multiple pictures from all angles can make yours stand out and make people take notice.
  • Offer a description: Chances are good that there are hundreds of snowmobiles for sale right now nationwide. Another good way to make yours stand out is to offer a picture with an accurate description. A potential buyer is going to want to know everything about your used snowmobile. Describe it with the basics i.e. model, make and year. But also provide information about how many miles are on it, any modifications that have been done, if it’s had to be rebuilt in any way, etc. This may seem like a no-brainer thing to do too, but always include your contact information.
  • Clean it: Whether you’re offering a boat or a snowmobile for sale, another good way to get people to take notice is to give it a thorough cleaning. Nobody says you have to have it professionally cleaned, but taking the time to clean it and using a little elbow grease can go a long way. The last thing you want is for a potential buyer to be ready to close the deal and then be turned off by your machine because there are needles, trash and other things underneath the hood.
  • Fix it up: Folks offering snowmobiles for sale would do well to make sure everything works. If you’ve got a machine to sell, you want to be honest about it and do you best to make sure everything works like it’s supposed to. Take time to fix any problems with the engine, replace the battery on your machine if you have to. Remember, you’re trying to make a sale and being cheap or dishonest about it is only going to drag things out. You can do a lot to put your snowmobile in a good light by making sure everything works and you’re more likely to impress potential buyers that way.
  • Do your homework on pricing: When it comes to selling your snowmobile, price can be a tricky thing. There’s the ideal price you’re trying to get for it, there’s the fair market value you can get for it and then there’s the price the customer wants to pay for it. Snowmobiles for sale like yours will likely be sold a lot faster if you set a fair price. If you’re not sure, do some research to see what similar models are being sold for. Local snowmobile dealers may be able to tell you what a fair price to offer is.

When it comes to offering snowmobiles for sale, taking time to clean it, fix it up and set a fair price can go a long way. Showing some pride for your machine will help draw potential buyers and both you and your buyer will be left feeling happy at the end of the sale.

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