Fly fishing first began as a trout fishing sport and so it’s no wonder the trout is the king of the fly fishing world. But trout make their home in cold waters and cold-water trips are often few and far between for many fly fishers.

It’s inevitable that even the most skilled of fishers will take their skills to warmer waters to try their hand at fly fishing for bass. But your fly fishing technique needs to change when you’re fly fishing for bass instead of trout.

That said, here are some of the most common mistakes fly fishers make when they’re on the hunt for bass:

  1. You’re using the wrong gear. Not all fly fishing reels, rods, and gear are created equal. If you’ve been fly fishing for trout for years and you’re just now getting into the bass game, you’ll need new equipment. Fly fishing rods that are 5 to 6 wt will have a difficult time accurately placing a bass bug. You need a fly fishing rod that’s 7 to 8 wt. It’s also worth mentioning that you should have a solid reel and that those reels should have solid drags.
  2. Your flies are too small. When you’re fly fishing for bass after spending time on trout, your flies are probably too small. Largemouth bass can easily eat the largest trout streamer in your fly box. Aim for baits that are between 4 to 6 inches. If you’re aiming for larger bass, go for 8-inch or larger baits. Some of the largest baits can be up to 14 inches long. They may look enormous, but they work.
  3. You’re thinking about trout, not bass. Bass are a different species than trout, which means they don’t act like trout. For instance, bass are ambush predators, which means you need to position your fly near something large enough for them to hide behind. You won’t catch a bass in the open water unless you’re fly fishing in the winter. Look for structure in the water like weeds and trees. They like to stay near the bottom.

Looking For Fly Fishing Reels?

It’s no secret fly fishing is an American pastime. In fact, up to 9.6 billion pounds of fish were caught in the U.S. in 2016 alone. That’s a lot of fillets.

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