This week after Christmas has seemed like a dream. One that was much needed after a really difficult year. In May you were thrilled that you graduated with your Master’s Degree in Elementary Education, but if also meant the end of your graduate assistantship coaching a group of gymnasts that you loved. The more difficult time, of course, was when your mother died suddenly. She had not been completely healthy the last few years, but a mere 12 months earlier you spent a vacation with her cooking and creating healthy meals for her to have in her freezer. When you got the call that she was doing so poorly, it was all that you could do to get to her before she took her last breath.

This week after Christmas, then, was a needed break. You had just completed your first, very difficult, semester of teaching fourth grade. Your husband of six years would be out on the large ship where he is stationed for months at a time. Fortunately, your father stepped up and offered an invitation to come spend the week with him. He promised to carefully prepare his fishing boat and provide you with a week of relaxation. When you arrived, you were more than pleased to find that he did more than spruce up his fishing boat. He had taken the time to create a special place for you below deck where you could read and rest as you wanted. He even went so far as to have several water toys on hand as well. From parachutes to water skis, he had all kinds of activities planned.

It was your choice whether you rested, read, or spent time on the water. In the end, it was just what you needed and was so wonderful that you were really reluctant to fly back home.

A Great Week on a Fishing Boat Is a Perfect Winter Getaway

There are many boat dealers who offer plenty of boat accessories
that can turn the simplest fishing boat into an entire week of entertainment. From pontoon boats for sale to the special offers that powersports dealerships offer, there are plenty of ways that you can enjoy a week under the sun any time of the year. And while there are plenty of people who want nothing more than to enjoy long, lazy days out fishing, there are others who are looking for a little more action during their time on the water.

If you are looking for a way to spend time on the water, you will find comfort in knowing that 95% of boats on the water, which include powerboats, personal watercraft, and sailboats, in the U.S. are small in size at less than 26 feet in length. This means that these boats that can easily be trailered by a vehicle to local waterways. With the use of a large pontoon boat, an entire family can enjoy their time skiing, tubing, and fishing. Smaller individual watercrafts allow individuals to enjoy their time on many kinds of bodies of water.

Even if your family did not get to spend any time on the water this winter holiday, there is still plenty of time to make plans for a summer water adventure. As more and more families and friends continue to make their plans for upcoming times together on the water, it should come as no surprise that these options are playing an important role in the economy of the nation. In fact, the yearly U.S. sales of boats, marine products, and services climbed 3% in 2016 reaching $37 billion. This trend was expected to continue throughout the year 2018. The fact that 95% of all Americans live within an hour’s drive of a navigable body of water might be one of the reasons that water activities and sports continue to grow in popularity.

Whether you are looking for a way to spend a winter holiday or you are planning for a summer adventure as part of a family reunion, there are many times when finding a boat to purchase or rent might be the perfect solution. One that everyone will enjoy. Are you ready to make your plans?

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