Recreational boating is a popular activity in the United States. Most Americans, or approximately 95% of the population, actually live close to navigable bodies of water. In fact, they live within an hour’s drive of areas where they can enjoy boating and other water-based activities.

Different Types of Boats on Local Waterways

When it comes to the types of boats on the water, these include powerboats, personal watercraft, and sailboats. These types of recreational vehicles comprise 95% of the boats that operate on local waterways. Since the majority of these boats are less than 26 feet, they can be easily towed down to the water by another vehicle, such as a truck, van, or RV.

Pontoon boats, for instance, are quite popular. The average one can hold a total of 11 individuals and attain 22 miles per hour when at maximum capacity. This is keeping in mind, however, that the boat has a 115 horsepower engine. Under the best of conditions, an average pontoon boat with just one person aboard can attain 31 miles per hour. While some boaters may want to cruise along at a slower speed, it’s good to know a boat’s capacity.

Increased Boat Sales

At a time when more and more Americans want to purchase products made in this country, it’s important to note that 95% of the boats that are sold here are made here as well. Recreational boating sales have been increasing over the past few years and are expected to increase even more.

In 2016, for example, new powerboat sales increased approximately ten percent to 11%. It was estimated that these sales would continue to rise in 2017 by six percent to seven percent. Annual sales estimates for boats, marine products, and related services rose three percent during 2016. projections indicate that these increases will continue through 2018.

Find an Arctic Cat Dealer in Your Area

Are you looking for an Arctic Cat dealer in your area? In addition to purchasing a new or pre-owned Arctic Cat snowmobile, you may have your eyes set on pontoon boats for sale. Whether you’re considering a new or used boat for sale, your local Arctic Cat dealer will have a variety of recreational vehicles available.

Whether you prefer going out on the water by yourself or with family and friends, once you take your new boat out, you’ll be able to experience hours of fun and relaxation. This should definitely help to keep you active in the outdoors that you love until the snow returns. At that time, you can uncover your Arctic Cat snowmobile and take it out for a ride.

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