The common phrase “location, location, location” applies to more than just real estate; a major public event, such as a wedding reception, needs to be held at an ideal location for many factors, from the number of guests to the budget, decor, time of year, and even the city or state where the event is taking place. Finding the right reception halls for weddings is just one cog among many in any wedding planning machine, but it is no less important, and other decisions about the wedding reception may be influenced by, or inspired by, the choice of reception halls. A wedding venue, once chosen, can help other reception decisions fall into place, and there is even the option of outdoor wedding venues as an alternative. What kinds of reception halls are best for different wedding parties, and why would a couple decide to have an outdoor wedding venue instead? There are advantages to each type of venue.

Public Gatherings and Weddings

a wedding reception is the overlap of two domains: public gatherings, and customizing a party for personal reflection. Even studying consumers for products can show how powerful live events are; about 93% of consumers have reported being more influenced by live events than TV advertisements, and live events are a good place to reunite with familiar faces or meet new people, whether for personal friendships or professional relationships. Corporate events are very popular, and in fact, 61.2% of organizers set up corporate events. They are often the second most popular type of events. And for weddings, finding good reception halls to choose from can be a flexible undertaking with a lot of options, since marrying in religious institutions is a tradition that is losing favor. Today, about 33% of weddings take place in places of worship, and that percentage lowers every year. This means that other public areas are fair game for a wedding reception or even the ceremony itself, and while indoor wedding receptions are dominant, making up 77% of all receptions, some couples may opt for an outdoor venue. What to choose?

Finding the Right Venue

According to Whova, there are a number of factors to consider when browsing a wedding reception site. One is the location, in terms of transportation for guests. Some guests may be arriving by plane from out of town, so a venue closer to the airport is convenient for them, and providing the address of the venue, as well as directions, is critical for all guests. Some may drive themselves or may take a cab or even a city bus to the venue, or a shuttle from the airport. Parking is another issue; while some venues will have enough parking spaces of their own, some may not, and the event hosts may reserve nearby parking lots for guests to park in. If no parking at all is available, the venue may have to be abandoned as an option.

The carrying capacity of a venue should be considered as well, since too many people in a small space is too crowded (and violates fire codes), and too few people in a huge venue is a waste of money and space. Some venues may also have a minimum for food and drinks provided. Services and features are another thing to consider; does the venue have a kitchen that provides catering, and can it handle the number of guests? Are there enough tables and chairs, and are there setup and cleanup crews? Accessibility may be an issue for some guests too, such as those bound by wheelchairs, so that should be looked into as well, if need be.

Alternatively, reception halls may be traded for an outdoor venue. Here, some factors of an indoor venue carry over, such as catering, setup crews, accommodations for special needs guests, and available parking and directions to the venue, especially for out of town guests who don’t know the area. New factors must be considered, such as temperature, weather, allergies to plants, and wind. In the summer or warm spring time, lighter colors of clothes are best for both men and women, and in cooler autumn, thicker, darker outfits work best. On the beach, women are advised to have shorter gowns or dresses that won’t drag in the sand.

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