Drone repair shop

In recent years, drones have gained extreme popularity with the personality they bring to your tech experience. Everyone is going crazy for drones because they are the newest machine we can take out on bright and sunny days with our friends and children, making for fun memories that will last. By 2020, Americans will be expected to own around 7 million drones. In 2015, approximately 400,000 drones were purchased for the Christmas season as presents for children, adults, and more. There are some things you may not have known about drones, such as registration and the use of drones in business. This all ties into the fact that, if you own a drone, you can learn where to get your drone fixed if any issues occur.

Drone Registration

If your drone weighs more than .55 pounds, it must be registered. The reason why? The FAA believes that drones have the ability to cause harm due to the fact that they fly through the air. Perhaps they have a fear of drones harming people’s property or privacy. Many people have been known to attach cameras to their drones, so this is just a safety measure put in place to protect everyone involved. Because the FAA wants to protect everything that flies through the air, drones are not legally permitted to be flown above 400 feet at any time. Before a drone user flies within five miles of an airport or heliport, they must always contact the airport and control tower. Now that you understand the rules of drones, we can discuss the use of drones in modern businesses. Businesses understand the best places to fly your drone and how it will leave a huge impact on a business’ revenue.

Drones in Business

Hobby drones are very popular in our modern times. Though hobbyist drones are on the rise to nearly 4.3 million by 2020, commercial sales are huge as well. More businesses are implementing drone technology in their businesses to stay updated on big changes in technology and the world in general. Commercial drones make up 60% of the industry’s revenue even if they are not as popular, because many businesses spend more money on these expensive devices with many elements. The repairs can be expensive for businesses that are just getting started or have lifted off. You may wonder where to get your drone fixed if something has happened to yours. We are a drone repair shop that will keep your drone up and running for the best fees around. If you are wondering where to get your drone fixed, call the experts.

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