Cabins in soldotna alaska

Updated 1/19/21

There’s nothing more serene and pleasant than a day fishing. The great outdoors, the sunshine, the great company, and the still water make this a tranquil hobby or sport – until the fish start biting – and then it’s all action. Whether you prefer bass fishing or going after large swordfish in the ocean, you need the best fishing supplies. Start with a fishing gear guide that will instruct you on the fishing gear and tackle you need for your type of fishing, whether that be in rivers, oceans, or the sea. Millions of people go fishing every year in the United States. It’s a wonderful sport or hobby to share with friends and loved ones. Fishing makes for great memories and exciting stories to tell. And with phones with video, you can get your prize catch on camera so no one can say you’re fishing story isn’t true, especially if the fish gets away. If you haven’t tried fishing, consider it as a way to connect with nature, your friends, family, and ultimately, yourself.

For those looking for outdoor adventure, fishing vacation packages are available to make any trip once-in-a-lifetime. Over 10 million kids between the ages of six and 17 went fishing at least once in 2013. Across the country, fishing itself supports more than 828,000 jobs between wildlife conservation, bait and tackle, and licensing. If you and your family are looking to take a fishing trip, first settle on the kind of fishing you were looking to do.


Trout and other prize fish are often found spawning in North American streams. Up to 72% of early-run fish will spawn in tributary streams with the peak of spawning season occurring in mid-July. Soldotna, Alaska is one of the most scenic and bountiful fishing spots in the country. Over 70% of the sport harvest for the river occurs below the Soldotna Bridge, causing the city to build a number of fishing lodges.


Last year over 28 million anglers devoted over 467 million fishing days in freshwater bodies of water. Lakes are complete ecosystems with a variety of fish from perch and sunfish to salmon and pike. Many people who book fishing vacation packages will do so with the intent to hire a charter boat. Very few fish fight as hard as the salmon, giving anglers of all ages and skill levels a chance to land a prize-winning fish.


The oceans are one of planet Earth’s greatest mysteries with millions of varieties of fish and sea life inhabiting them. The ocean also provides one of the most diverse selection of food including mahi-mahi, red snapper, orange roughy, tuna, and of course the elusive swordfish. Depending on where you plan to take a trip, chances are you can find a charter boat that specializes in reeling in the kind of fish your family is looking for. For an unforgettable family vacation, why not get the kids hooked on fishing. Check out this site for more.

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