Once the snow has begun to melt and the temperature begins to warm up, you can be assured that the camping and outdoor gear will be taken out of storage. One of the most popular extracurricular and family activities is any form of camping or hiking. Just in the United States there are over 38 million people who regularly hunt and go fishing.

While some of these trips may be meant to be more low-key, it is still always important to be prepared for anything that nature might throw at you. Besides being prepared for the regular weather conditions, such as if it rains or drops to low temperatures, making sure that food is kept safe can be detrimental to the success of a camping trip.

To ensure that food is properly stored, camping coolers can be a reliable tool. Considering about 81% of all fishing trips are spontaneous, spur of the moment ideas, or were planned within the week of the actual trip, having the proper materials such as a backpack, fishing gear, and a cooler, is always a safe bet.

One hidden danger that people may not think about is the threat that bears present to all campers, regardless of what activities you are participating in. Bears are large, brutish animals that can overpower a human with no effort at all. What makes them so dangerous, is how skilled they are at finding food, and in turn how tenacious they will be to get it.

Bears have a keen sense of smell that amounts to about seven times more powerful than a dog’s. This is more than enough to justify stowing food and any consumables in a safe and durable hunting cooler. Bears are powerful and will easily tear through any standard coolers or containers.

Before embarking on your next big hunting or fishing trip, make sure you have all of the essentials to make it a safe and enjoyable outing.

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