Italy soccer tours

There are a number of benefits of international soccer tours. They’re excellent team-building experiences, they allow players and coaches to experience new cultures and countries, and allow the team to engage in healthy competition at a larger scale. There are a number of different countries to choose from when planning a soccer event, but Costa Rica is one of the most popular. Here are three reasons why.

1. Costa Rica is in a similar time zone.
One of the main benefits of Costa Rica soccer tours from the U.S. is that Costa Rica is in a similar time zone. This means that you and your players won’t be jet lagged which could affect their game play and performance. Additionally, the group won’t be too jet lagged to enjoy any of the other parts of the tour like sightseeing and other recreational activities.

2. It gives players the opportunity to speak Spanish.
Though opting for a country where people predominately speak English may make things a little easier for you and your players, there is a greater benefit in going to a Spanish-speaking country. Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, and taking soccer tours to Costa Rica gives the group a reason to learn some basic Spanish and put it into practical use. Furthermore, there are also bilingual guides who can help your group communicate.

3. The climate is ideal.
Another benefit of opting to go to Costa Rica for a soccer tour is that the weather is pretty ideal for most of the year because of its proximity to the equator. There is a rainy season, but the fact the the weather never gets really cold means that your group won’t have to pack bulky clothing or layer their clothing. Additionally, this means that there isn’t really a bad time to plan a soccer tour there.

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