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Nothing disrupts a nice, relaxing run like stray hairs constantly tickling your face. All the ladies out there with long hair (and men, too!) know how frustrating it can be to try to constrain bangs and loose hair strands while running. Many runners headbands simply don’t do the trick, as they often tend to slowly slip off your head with each step. If your sick of spending more time fixing your hair than actually running on every jog, there is a solution. Check out the running gear below that keeps hair in place, no matter the season.

Runners No-slip Headbands

There are two main factors that contribute to a good headband: stretchiness and the ability to stay in place. While you would think that it would be easy for headband manufactures to put these two elements into all of their headbands, that clearly isn’t the case. Luckily, athletes everywhere were recently introduced to a new type of headband that actually encompasses both key factors. Runners no-slip headbands are both flexible to fit all head shapes and sizes and they actually stay put while you’re running. Could it get any better? Actually, it can. Most brands of runners no-slip headbands come in a wide variety of colors and patterns to fit any mood or running outfit you happen to be in.

Pony Tail Hats

The only thing worse than stray hairs sneaking out of a headband or ponytail holder is running with your hair down. Unfortunately, this is a fate many runners with long hair must face come winter. Warm running hats are a winter-running essential in order to keep the ears and head warm throughout a cold run, but where is your hair supposed to go? There really isn’t any solution except to let your hair down under a normal hat, but with a pony tail hat, runners can easily tie their hair up as they normally would. With a small slit in the back for a pony tail to fit through, these winter hats are designed with long hair in mind.

Gone are the days of stray hairs and unruly tresses thanks to no-slip headbands and pony tail hats. These running accessories are essential for runners with long hair, and they make great gifts for a runner, too!

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