Tennis doubles drills

Are you looking to get more exercise this new year? How about shedding some seasonal weight gain after the holidays? Are you seeking a fitness experience that offers a bit of luxury and advice from the pros? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to look into playing tennis or squash at a racquet club near you.

When comparing the benefits of different physical activities, many people wonder why they should try a racquet sport like tennis or squash. These sports, though, are perfect for those looking to get the physician recommended amount of three or more hours of weekly exercise. In fact, playing that amount of tennis or squash can help a person lose up to half a pound a week. These sports also help increase mental agility and coordination and can ward off conditions such as heart attack and stroke.

To some, tennis and squash may seem elite and only accessible for those who are advanced students. However, he tennis and squash community includes everyone from beginners all the way to the pros who are competing in US squash tournaments and tennis championships. Just about anyone can get a racquet and tennis club membership and begin playing these sports.

So who works for these organizations? Many professional squash players compete in world and US squash tournaments, and they also teach squash clinics and classes to new, intermediate, and advanced students. Even tennis buffs can learn from guest instructors and one-on-one consultants in tennis clubs. Finally, many racquet clubs offer consultations and critiques from professionals, so you can receive advice on everything from the racquet you use to how you can improve your serves and volleys.

Tennis clubs often have more membership benefits besides the ability to play these sports. Some may also offer luxury spas, personal trainers, exercise machines, and juice bars. Those who are looking for their fitness club should weight the pros and cons of each facility in their area. And even those who aren’t world tennis or squash champions can benefit from massages, steam baths, and other relaxation techniques after their workouts.

Have more questions about playing tennis or squash in a fitness club? Be sure to find a facility near you that offers these amenities. You can also leave a comment below for more suggestions.

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