Tomahawk tactical

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, families across the United States use this time to celebrate and give thanks for all they have. It’s a time of humble gratitude that is commemorated with a feast, a symbolic gesture that closely mirrors the origins of Thanksgiving, which have often sparked heated debates.

When Spanish conquistadors and European colonists first arrived in North America, they viewed its native peoples as wild, undomesticated savages that must be “tamed” by Christianity. The views and ideals of both groups varied drastically. Not only did Native American people practice Earth-based, polytheistic religions heavily rooted in spirituality and rituals (the idea of “owning” land or that Nature is something to be conquered not respected was the polar opposite of their belief system), their tribal appearance and garb clashed with that of European beliefs and aesthetics.

While the majority of Native Americans and colonists clashed, Europeans could not deny the genius and ingenuity of the new land’s native peoples. Native Americans taught colonists basic survival skills, such as medicinal practices, as well as farming and hunting techniques. Perhaps one of the most Native American contributions still used in modern American society is the tomahawk axe.

Most people associate tomahawk axes with fighting tomahawks or combat tomahawks, however, they were actually multipurpose tools used to execute variety of tasks. In today’s modern times, little has been done to change to the design of hand forged tomahawks, and tactical tomahawks for sale are used by military personnel, law enforcement officials, and outdoor enthusiasts for number of purposes.

Tactical tomahawks for sale are not typically used for combat, but instead are often used in search and rescue and elite missions for breaching and breaking through tough materials such as rock, metal, glass, and wood. Tactical tomahawks for sale are also often used by outdoorsmen for similar purposes.

As we celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving, it’s important to reflect on the several contributions the Native people of this land have made.

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