Wedding chair rentals

Wedding season always seems to overshadow another major late spring/early summer event: Graduation season. Whether it be high school graduation or college graduation, you want to make sure the party you’re pulling off for your son or daughter is fun, memorable, and special. First things first — you need party rental equipment, because lets face it, where would you store all of that stuff if you bought it?

The party rental industry employs roughly 34,610 people in the United States, so you can rest easy knowing that there is a supply rental company near you, and there are plenty of professional people to help you set up your party. So here’s what you will need to plan the perfect graduation party:

  • Lights Party lighting rentals are all the rage these days, and you will definitely want to get your hands on some lighting. High school and college grads, as you know, stay up late — so be sure to have some lighting for when the sun goes down at your graduate still wants to celebrate.
  • Tables You need to eat, right? It’s awkward for people to be carrying their plates around and trying to eat at the same time. Party table rentals are essential for any smooth-sailing grad party. Prevent spills and messes by giving guests a platform to eat off of and have everyone sit down at the same time and enjoy a meal.
  • Chairs Of course, what use are tables if there are no chairs? Seating is always a good thing to have at a grad party — especially for grandma and grandpa who may need to kick their feet up after awhile. Party chair rentals are relatively cheap and there are plenty of ways to dress them up (just check online!).
  • Tents For high school graduations in particular, a party tent rental is always a good item to have. These provide shade for sunny summer days, as well as provide protection from unwanted showers. Most people are satisfied with a 20 x 20 sized tent, which can fit up to 40 people, for graduation parties.

With 3,245 party rental supply businesses in the U.S., there will be no shortage of equipment. Just make sure to call a few months in advance to reserve your party rental equipment. For the most part, renting the following equipment will cost around $850; adding linens, dinnerware, and other decorations (flowers, balloons, etc.) will most likely put you in the $1,200 to $1,300 range. The industry generates roughly $2 billion in annual revenue, but the service is highly reliable, affordable, and convenient. All you have to worry about now is getting your graduate prepared for their future! Visit here for more:

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