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Although yellow tennis balls are now fairly ubiquitous when it comes to tennis, especially when it comes to professional tennis matches, it wasn’t until 1986 that they first went into use at Wimbledon after studies showed that the bright yellow color was easier for television screens to pick up.

The International Tennis Federation recommends that, in order to increase tennis participation worldwide, a range of ball types should be used for beginning players. Balls that are red, orange or green move more slowly, which gives players time to learn how to control their hits so that they can serve and play.

If you want to interest kids and get them involved with tennis, there are many ways you can bring the game to life. Here are three tips on how to keep your kids interested, and on how to make sure their indoor tennis court surfaces stay clean for use.

1. Start Playing Before You Start Practicing Serves

Tennis isn’t the easiest game for very young children to pick up on. It has a scoring method that isn’t very intuitive, and developing a good serve takes extensive time and practice. When kids are starting out, don’t worry about stroke technique. Just have fun practicing hitting the ball and getting it over the net. Kids will learn to associate tennis with “fun” and will want to learn more about how to play correctly.

2. Start Them Out in a Camp or Group Lesson

At some point you’ll have to decide on how to advance your children’s knowledge of the game. Through private lessons, or group learning? Ideally, they will experience a mix of both as they grow. There are advantages to beginning in a group setting, however. While your child will receive less one-on-one time, they’re being placed in a positive competitive environment with their peers. This will constantly challenge them to improve their technique in order to keep up with others around them. In a one-on-one setting, this type of incentive is not as present.

3. How to Clean Indoor Tennis Court Surfaces

If you’re able to have a small area for playing tennis inside your home, this can be a great opportunity. Unlike outdoor courts, you don’t need to work around the weather and time of day in order to play. Children don’t need to worry about the hot sun, and you won’t need to worry about leaves and debris constantly blowing onto your court. However, indoor sports surfaces do need occasional cleaning. Cleaning rubber flooring isn’t hard, but you should only use pre-approved solutions or gentle soap. Cleaning solutions made for other floor types can damage rubber and cause it to deteriorate or stain.

Have you used rubber floor cleaning products to clean indoor tennis court surfaces? Do you have tips for getting kids involved in tennis? Let us know in the comments. To see more, read this:

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