If you haven’t experienced Texas fishing yet, you’re missing out. There is a reason why the Gulf of Mexico supplies about 40% of America’s seafood supply. There is simply a lot to be found in that region, and if you’re already visiting Texas, you should certainly make a Texas fishing trip a highlight of your stay.

But if you haven’t been fishing around Texas before, you may not know quite what to expect. That’s why we will look into a few of the fish that you can expect to find on your fishing trip. You may be surprised by what’s available in Texas waters!

1. Flounder

There is much to love about flounder as a fish. Not only is it a unique fish to look at, often camouflaging itself among the sand and sea life; it’s also quite delicious. Flounder can be caught through angling, and in November, you are allowed to fish for it with a fishing pole. Typically, flounder will be found in shallower waters, which can make it appealing to less experienced fishers.

2. Redfish

Similarly to flounder, redfish are often found in shallower waters. They school together in areas that are so shallow that you may even be able to see their fins above the surface. Typically, these fish can be tempted through bait using fish or crab, and they’re easy to catch through angling around jetties, piers, and even the surf. Some redfish become oversized, sometimes known as “red bulls,” which are seen as especially exciting to catch.

3. Speckled Trout

Everyone loves the taste of trout, and if you’re in the mood to catch this type of fish, you’ll want to look for them during spawning season. This would occur during winter; if you’re visiting Texas to escape harsher climates up north, now is the time to search for speckled trout. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you leave some fish to spawn, but there is still an allowance through which fishers can gather their catch.

4. Black Drum

This fish is known for its flavor as a fillet. If you’re in the mood to catch a black drum, hit Texas waters, and look for a shrimp-based bait.

There are plenty of things to love about Texas fishing. Just find a great charter company, and get started!

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