In this YouTube video, Anglers Escape discusses lake fishing tips for beginners. Some helpful hints and techniques can be used to help beginners be more successful from the get-go.

For best results, beginners should get a fishery report for the specific lake they want to fish. This information helps narrow down the types of lures and baits that might work best in that area. If a fishery report isn’t available, local bait shop owners will most likely have this information.

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Always brings worms and live minnow. These baits work best for most fish throughout the United States. Open the container of worms before purchasing to ensure they are fat and juicy. When using minnows, make sure to place them in the lake water as soon as possible to help them live longer.

Bring two different fishing poles. One fishing rod with 10-12lb line strength and one fishing rod with 4lb line. Two distinct lines allow a person to catch more than one type of species.

For the easiest results to catch catfish, string a worm on a hook and drop it on the lake’s bottom. To catch bass, use a lure and a bobbin. Rooster tail spinner lures work well. Only use live minnows to capture crappie. Be sure to only thread hooks through the nose of the minnow and not the head. Dead minnows never work for crappie.

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