The Ace Family is not just another set of pretty faces that became famous on YouTube. They have combined their love for sports and charity. To have quite a memorable basketball charity that also included some big-hearted celebrities in the entertainment industry. The excitement was high and fans from all over the world came to support this event and rally them on. Fans proclaimed their great love and appreciation of the Ace Family. Their good-natured event only caused their audience to fall more in love with them.

The entertainment was robust with talent and the inspiration for the mission at hand. As the teams played you can feel their spirits fueled with synergy and the motivation to win to serve a greater cause beyond themselves. The event took place at the Staple Center and was a sold-out affair! The inspiring celebrities that took part in the sports event include Jordan Clarkson, Chris Brown, Tana Mongeau, Logan Paul, James Charles, Pauly D, Lil Pump, and of course Austin McBroom.

This heart-centered sports charity gave the opportunity for every participant to donate $50,000 The winning team chose the charity it would go to. To go the extra mile, all the profit made from gate sales went to the charity of choice. Both teams proudly and courageously played their hearts out. However, at the end of the day, it was Chris Brown’s team that lost the winning spot and Austin McBroom’s team that took the win.

The lucky, and yet amazing charity the funds from this nostalgic event went to was the Painted Turtle Charity. The beauty of this charity is that it is a safe haven and a camp for children that deal with serious medical conditions.

No wonder everyone left this sports event feeling on top of the world! People love sports and they love charity. Being able to be involved with something larger than one’s self brings a deep sense of satisfaction!

When all was said and done fans were amazed. Fans were inspired. The hope in humanity’s vibe was high. Austin and Catherine were in a andldquo;wowedandrdquo; state of being, recognizing that such a huge feat had been pulled off, and they had so much to show for their success.

A big cheers to the Ace Family for giving back to their community, and remembering to use their fame and notoriety to set a standard in our world of ways to look after and care for others!

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