Tennis is a popular racket sport akin to badminton and pickle-ball. Tennis is played by two or four players with one or two players on each side of the court. The width of standard tennis courts for two players is 27 feet wide and 78 feet long. A court of four players has a standard width of 36 feet and a length of 78 feet.

Unlike most outdoor sporting activities, which need few playground maintenance tools and equipment, clay tennis courts need a horde of tools and equipment for their regular maintenance. This post presents to you nine must-have tennis court maintenance equipment.

Here are some of the nine essential accessories for tennis courts that you’ll need for your courts’ maintenance.


Does your tennis court have hard-to-reach areas that need scarifying and hard-pans that need breaking? Then you’ll need a lute that can reach all corners of your court to break up the hard-pans and make an even spread of new surface materials. A 30-inch standard lute is ideal for scarifying your court and spreading new material.

Nails for Clay Court Maintenance

You’ll need different types of nails for clay court maintenance. For instance, you’ll need line tape nails to fasten and hold down your line tapes on the court’s surface. The tapes mark the playground’s borders. You may also need traditional nails for clay court maintenance when your brooms, spreaders, and rakes get damaged.

These nails help in repairing and assembling any broken tool parts. As such, buy different types of nails for clay court maintenance because they come in handy in most equipment and court repairs.

Drag Brooms and Line Brooms

Drag brooms help your sprinkler-irrigated courts to have a groomed look. The sweepers can be hand-pulled or attached to some towing equipment to serve large clay courts. The line brooms clean any stray clay that falls on the lines to ensure the players, viewers, and referees can see the edges of the court.

Ball Retriever Hoppers Carts

Tennis balls get scattered across the court, and the need to collect them is always a challenge. But with the ball retriever hoppers cart, you can collect and dispense tennis balls with great ease.

Court Rakes

Like the lutes, your clay-court rakes help you to keep your hydro-courts groomed and in shape for play. The rakes are an ideal add-on for sprinkler-irrigated tennis courts, and they can help keep off algae in the hard-to-reach court areas.

Clean Sweeps

The clean sweeps help you remove any debris that falls on the surface of your court. Pine needles, leaves, trash, and any other non-court materials that fall on court surfaces can be swept away and collected to keep your courts clean.

Clay Court Rollers

Rollers are often used in sprinkler-irrigated courts to groom court surfaces, which have a new spread of court surface materials. The rollers may also be used to tamp down the court lines, which show playing boundaries.


Is it time to apply new surface materials to your court? Then you’ll need equipment that can quicken the process for you instead of spreading the materials by hand. Spreaders can save you time and money because you will not have to hire people to help you spread the material. The equipment also makes the application of the material more even.

Water Removers

Is your tennis court flooded with water after heavy rains? If so, you’ll need a water remover that can clear all the water on your tennis court surface to make them ready for gaming activities.


Whether you need nails for clay court line tape tamp down or a lute to scarify your court, it’s advisable and handy to have all these court maintenance tools. The tools and equipment will help you to keep your court in tip-top shape for gaming all year round. For a clean and better-playing ground, always ensure that you stock your store with all these maintenance tools and equipment.

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