Nature has healing powers. From families that struggle to find enough time to spend together to those who struggle with addiction, there are many times when days, weeks, or months spent in the great outdoors is a perfect solution. Whether you are packing up the wading boots for. weekend of fly fishing with grandpa or you are investing in an outdoor recovery location for one of your adult children, there are few places that can offer the healing effects of a day in the woods, an afternoon by the lake, or an evening under the stars. And while the average life span of wading boots with moderate wear and care could be up to three years, the peacefulness of these experiences can help develop lifelong habits.

Research continues to indicate that there are a majority of people in America who do not get the kind of exercise that they need, so it is no wonder that parents and grandparents alike are trying to introduce their children and grandchildren to wading boots, outdoor rubber boots, and other kinds of footwear that will encourage children to get outside. When you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction, however, the need for powerful outdoor experiences is even more essential.

Consider some of these ideas about the ways that simple hunting and fishing adventures may be a step on the road to recovery from ADDICTION:

  • Adding the problems that occur financially when someone is addicted. There are many families that find themselves near ruin as they try to pay forb’ expensive rehabilitation options, and for fines and damages caused by the addict.
  • Drugs and alcohol can lead to big problems. From addiction to abuse to charges of drunk driving that include jail time and fines, there are many times that addiction can wreck an entire life. The life of the addict and sometimes the life of the addict’s family as well.
  • During the withdrawal stage, addicts can be especially be vulnerable, so there are families willing to invest in the best available treatment options that are available.
  • Instead of relying on the tough love approach that forces many addicts to hit rock bottom, many families are willing to mortgage their home if it means that they can finally get the help that their son, daughter, or spouse need.
  • Can you imagine the agony of finding out that your adult child who is married and has kids is a drug addict? There are, however, many Americans who are living a secret life of addiction that they try to hide from their family members. Far worse than hunting waders for men and women that are purchased and never used, addiction is a horrible secret to control.
  • The unfortunate truth is many addicts have to go through several rehabilitation processes before they ever achieve the goal of giving up the chemicals, whether it is drugs or alcohol, that have taken over their lives.
  • Instead of allowing an addict to lose everything, there are many parents who want to spend all of their available resources to help a son or daughter kick a chemical addiction.
  • One of the ways an addict’s life can affect those they love is the drug or alcohol dependent person often reaches a point where he is unable to care for himself, let alone any small children that may be in his care.
  • No one knows the answer to solving addiction, but there is some research indicating that the great outdoors may be one avenue. Fishing as a hobby is generally more prevalent with older generations, but more than 60% of participants were under 45 in 2017, but it may be part of the solution to a growing problem with addiction in this country.

In the year 2018, there were 30 million paid fishing license holders in America. This pales in comparison to the number of people struggling with addiction. Wouldn’t it be great if every one of the addiction problems, however, could be improved with an experience in the great outdoors? Afternoons casting for fish, weeks spent camping in the mountains, months riding bike trails from coast to coast. From wading boots to hiking trails, are you ready to see if the outdoors can help you meet your challenges?

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