When it comes to health and wellness there is no time like the present to start defying your age. Currently, according to a survey called the Nielsen Global Consumer Exercise Trends Survey, only 45% of millennials regularly exercise. Those numbers unfortunately decrease with age with less than 5% of adults taking just 30 minutes out of their day for physical exercise.

This poses the question, what is keeping people from taking care of themselves? Perhaps it is the idea of joining a gym that doesn’t offer much other than a barely sterile shower to use after exercising. Or maybe there just are not enough perks to attract people of all ages.

Go beyond just exercising and focus on the ‘best you’ by enrolling in featured classes, enjoy all the spa has to offer, take advantage of youth services and re-connect with your significant other with excellent dining services. The possibilities are luxurious. The advantages are infinite.

Premier health and wellness centers offer spa journeys that include fitness and pampering. This resort-style setting is a destination to be looked forward to with offerings of relaxation, comfort, and luxury, spa-treatments that make you feel pampered. Reclaim your health, vibrance and youth with services such as laser hair removal, anti aging therapy, Botox, a chemical peel, diva laser therapy, Juvéderm, Kybella, mole removal, non surgical fat removal, skin care genetics and much more.

Master Estheticians Provide State-of-the-Art Laser Hair Removal Treatments

The state-of-the-art laser system known as the LightSheer® Duet was designed to eradicate unwanted body and facial hair safely, quickly and virtually without discomfort. A large area is covered for treatments which in turn reduces treatment times by up to 75%. Slip into a spa-like setting that offers laser hair removal treatments that are effective and comfortable using this system. You will reap the rewards.

In order to see the results you want it is recommended that you schedule multiple sessions. Those sessions should be at intervals over four to ten weeks. Of course, this all depends on the exact area of your body you want treated. Caring estheticians are available to ask so you get the laser hair removal treatments you have always wanted. Say goodbye to pesky hair and hello to freedom from waxing and shaving!

Live Your Best Life Thanks to a Health and Wellness Center

A premier health and wellness center will put your health first. Experienced professionals offer salon, medical spa, fitness and family fitness amenities that go unrivaled. When you want to lose unwanted hair, stress, weight, and age gracefully use their full suite of services for balanced, optimal living.

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