In the United States, there are many avid tennis players, tennis fans, and those who are eager to enter the sport professionally. In fact, the Tennis Industry Association (or TIA) states that tennis participation has reached 17.9 million players. Needless to say, tennis is one renowned sport in the United States. However, as much as individuals love playing tennis, they wouldn’t be able to play if it wasn’t for tennis courts, and various equipment for these sometimes massive areas. If you have a home tennis court or own a tennis club, here are some products you may want for your tennis court. Ready to play?

Tennis Equipment

Many individuals believe that all you need in order to play tennis is a tennis ball, a tennis racket (or multiple ones), and a tennis bag to place your tennis balls and rackets safely inside. But, there more that goes into tennis than those three materials. In fact, there are so many tennis supplies and equipment, tennis court accessories, and tennis court equipment. Here’s some supplies you need for a tennis court:

: Tennis Benches: Tennis benches are important to include on a tennis court. Without this piece of equipment, the tennis player will not have a place to sit during breaks. Additionally, you can have benches for those individuals that will like to watch a tennis match. Not only are these benches a place for people to sit, but they are also included in safety. Individuals will want to sit out of the way of possible flying tennis balls. Being hit with one can cause injury. Tennis players can also experience injury or medical issues if they do not rest properly. Therefore, if you desire a safe home tennis court, or a tennis club, you’ll want to invest in some tennis benches. It is important to note that tennis benches come in many colors and sizes. You’ll have the opportunity to find one that is ideal for your situation.

Tennis Court Nets: This may seem like an obvious form of equipment for a tennis court. How can you play proper tennis without a net? Before discussing tennis nets it’s important to note that your tennis nets must be attached to two side posts at a height of 3.5 feet. Additionally, the nets should be placed 3 feet outside of the actual court. There are many different tennis court nets you can purchase, and they are based off of how often your players will be engaging in a game, and the type of weather conditions your area may experience. Many individuals choose either single-braided nets or double braided nets. You should look for durability when purchasing a tennis court net as well.

Windscreens: Some tennis courts may want to invest in windscreens. Essentially, windscreens cover the entire fence that goes around your tennis court. When choosing a windscreen you can pick from three types of material, polypropylene, polyethylene, or polyester. Although one isn’t better than the other, many people who own courts choose polyester because it’s very common. Windscreens consequently work to protect your tennis court. These screens can protect your court from leaves, dirt, and debris being blown onto the court. They can also protect your players by keeping light and eliminating distractions during a game.

Line Tape: Tape is necessary for tennis courts, especially those made from clay. You’ll want to have line tape on hand, not only to maintain the quality of the court, but if you need to fix any line tape. Line tape comes in many forms and textures. However, each one has the same purpose: to retain traction and ensure an even bounce by tennis balls that will be hitting the tape during a game.

Clay Court Rollers: Much like line tape, rollers are utilized form clay courts. Clay court rollers assist you in your maintenance of your tennis court. Maintenance is important when you have your own home tennis court or when you own a tennis club. Clay court rollers helps the surface of your court. Clay court rollers are important if you want to have your tennis court looking brand new.

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