Camping is a popular recreational activity within the United States for people of all ages. When survey participants were asked how they became interested in camping, 50% reported that it was due to their “love of the outdoors.” When Americans plan their camping trips, there are quite a few destinations from which to choose. While some campers will have a favorite campground, others enjoy exploring different camping site experiences.

Popular Camping Destinations

Many campers choose to stay relatively close to home, and about 59% don’t venture further than 100 miles. While it will depend on the area within which they live, campers will usually be able to choose from one or more of these types of camping sites: National, state, and municipal campgrounds: 42%

  • Private campgrounds: 25%
  • Different Ways to Go Camping

    Once they choose a destination, campers may spend their time outdoors under the stars. Tents are, of course, commonly used, and 53% of new campers usually choose this option. Cabins are a popular place to stay for 25% of campers. Others may take their RVs to public or private campgrounds due to all of the amenities. This choice applies to 19% of new campers. It’s important to note that more seasoned campers will also choose to stay in cabins, tents, and RVs.

    Learn More About Important Camping Gear

    Some campers may choose to travel lighter than others. Nevertheless, whether you go camping for the weekend or an extended period of time, it’s important to have high-quality products to store your food and beverages. For perishable items, a hard sided cooler is a good item to have on-hand. In addition to a hard sided cooler, you may be interested in a soft side cooler as well.

    No matter where you camp, you’ll need to stay hydrated. Purchasing several stainless steel insulated tumblers is important. You can take them on hikes or when you’re just sitting with friends and family around the campsite. If you’re planning to go fishing, you’ll want to have live bait coolers along with a portable fridge freezer or two. Once you have all the necessary gear, it will make a positive difference in your overall camping experience!

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