Your favorite kind of sport says a lot about you. It also says a lot about your friends!

Do you have a passionate buddy who never fails to get into the most recent sports tour? What about a family member who’s already signed up for the 2019 rugby world cup? Sports are one of the oldest and most beloved ways of bringing people together. They light up the competitive spirit and give people a reason to cheer, even when the workweek is the roughest it’s ever been. With the hot weather right around the corner there are plenty of ways to reignite your love for competition.

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The North American Sports Industry

Talk about classic American sports and you’ll likely hear about baseball or basketball. That’s not all the country has to offer! The North American sports industry is expected to hit a stunning $70 billion from ticket sales, merchandise sales, and media rights, thanks to PricewaterhouseCoopers. By the time 2020 arrives it’ll exceed $75 million more, cementing the West as a sports-loving powerhouse. Today the five largest sports in the United States are football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer.

Popular Sports Niches Around The World

If you’re someone that wants to see more variety in their sports tours, never fear. There are more than enough to whet your appetite! Statistics were gathered up to determine popular sports niches in the United States — tennis came in at a solid sixth place, with golf in seventh place and martial arts in eighth place. Motor racing and badminton have their fair share of fans, which is nothing to say of wrestling’s splashy underground culture. Whether you’re a golf lover or want to see rugby in Japan, there’s something for everyone!

Interesting Facts About Sports Today

While it can seem like every state has its own team, you’d be surprised by how many don’t have a professional sports group representing them! There are 25 states in the country that don’t have a professional major sports team — these include Hawaii, Alaska, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, South Carolina, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. There are also just five American cities with all four major sports (such as the NBA and NFL). That doesn’t mean sports tours won’t still take you to interesting places, as we’ll see in the next parts…

Thriving Sports Demographics

Did you know over 30 million people attended a college sports event back in 2017? That same year saw the NCAA generating over $800 million in revenue just from television and marketing rights. College basketball hits that sweet spot of scratching a sports itch and being more involved in your local community. Many students today love winding down with a good game, some alcohol, and fun times with friends. According to a Statista survey, more than 70% of respondents say they follow college basketball ‘occasionally’.

Exploring The World With Sports Travel

When you want to step beyond your college campus and enjoy a little something more, sports tours can give you what you’re hungering for. The FIFA Women’s World Cup has been held every four years since the 1990’s, with its inaugural tournament held in China. You can also hop around the United States if you want to engage in all four sports — cities that have all major sports within the metropolitan area include San Francisco, Phoenix, and Boston. Sports tours with friends and family does more than provide entertainment. You get the full benefits of an invigorating trip in one handy package.

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