Ever since its invention in Scotland some 500 years ago, golf has become one of the most popular sports around the world. Part of its appeal may be the non-impact nature of it, allowing people of all ages to play this sport. Today, golf is played around the world, but it is especially popular and well-established in the United States, Japan, and of course its native Scotland. There are countless golf courses found all over the world, even some in deserts which are heavily irrigated to stay in good condition. And like any other athlete, a golfer needs time to practice their game, and they can visit local golf courses to practice as much as they like. Some golfers, though, live too far away from golf courses to play except during tournaments, or bad weather might make a golf course unsuitable for play. In either of these cases, a golfer may recreate a golf course in the home. A golf simulator uses an advanced program, a digital projector, and real golf balls and clubs to replicate a trip to a course right there in the home. Golf simulator prices may vary, and a budget simulator or the top golf simulators alike can do a fine job.

The Sport

This is a popular sport, and it is bigger and more diverse than ever. In the United States, for example, this sport has become a big deal, and even as far back as 1900, over a thousand golf clubs (as in the organizations) could be found. There are bound to be many more now, and golfers may be young or old, men and women alike. Today, there’s hardly a “typical” golfer. While this sport is often associated with older men, and not without reason, many younger players are joining them on the course. Millennials, those born between 1982 and 1995, are taking up the sport of golf with great passion, and they make up a growing percentage of golfers in the United States today. What is more, many women are also taking up the sport, and while women are a minority among pro golfers, they are establishing themselves firmly in the sport. Today, no matter who a golfer is, they may need time to practice, and in some cases, a home golf simulator is the most practical way. How can this be done?

Build That Golf Simulator

To begin, the golfer may choose a space for their simulator. A bigger space is better, to give them room to swing their clubs and allow the balls to fly around (so a closet is certainly a poor choice). A golfer may choose a large, emptied-out dining room or bedroom, for example, or even the basement if the basement is clean and well-lit. It may be best to build the simulator in a room where it won’t get in anyone’s way, if other people live in the household.

The hardware is the next step. A simulator will create an image of a golf course, and while a flat screen TV might be used for this, a digital projector might be a better choice. Why? A projector’s image goes right onto the wall, so there’s no TV screen to break if golf balls are hit very hard and strike the surface. This is a matter of preference, but some golfers may certainly see the reasons to use a projector.

This projector doesn’t act alone. It can be plugged into a laptop or PC that will run the simulator program, and this computer may be either there in the room or in the next room, as long as the cables can reach everything. Aside from this computer setup, a good golf simulator will have a patch of false turf to tee off of, and nets will be set up on other side of the play area. Nets block the balls from striking other objects, an they make it easier to collect loose balls.

The program itself is the final item to acquire, and the programs may vary. Once installed on the laptop, the projector shows the simulated golf course, and the golfer can start practicing their swing. This may be a fine time to practice with new clubs before visiting a course for a tournament, for example.

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