When people think of recreational sports for the winter time, skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling are a few examples that likely come to mind. However, if you are more interested in taking one of your favorite sports, such as riding dirt bikes, into the winter season there is some preparation that needs to be considered first.

While some people move to indoor tracks to ride their dirt bikes when the weather gets cold, it is still possible to get some outdoor riding in even if you do live in a place that is known for strong winters. The key to taking dirt biking into the colder months is being prepared and having the right dirt bike equipment beforehand.

Fighting Against the Cold with Antifreeze

If you are a frequent dirt bike rider, you are likely familiar with using coolant to help keep the engine from overheating. While this is necessary in the warmer months, when the weather starts cooling down, it is important to make sure that your engine isn’t at risk of freezing.

A helpful way to do this is getting coolant that already has antifreeze properties. By using a product that has the ability to both prevent your engine from freezing as well as overheating, the process of getting dirt bikes to run smoothly summer through winter will be made easier.

Prepare Your Tires for Snowy Roads

Much like snow tires are often necessary on a car, dirt bikes also benefit from tires that will offer more traction on snowy or icy terrain. You can either buy studded tires for your dirt bike or add screws to the tires that are already on the bike.

There are special screws available to screw into the dirt bike tires, but other screws such as drywall screws will also work to give your bike traction. As long as the screws are applied properly and are not too long as to puncture a hole in the tube of the tire, any of the three options are efficient in making dirt bikes safer on winter roads.

Keeping Your Hands Warm

Because the winter weather means for cooler winds and temperatures, it is important that you take the necessary precautions to keep warm before going for a ride. As your hands will take the brunt of these cold winds, it is important to take special care where they are concerned.

To keep your hands warm, consider investing in either grip heaters or thicker gloves. The cold can impact people differently, so don’t be afraid to try out both of these options before deciding on the one that works best for you.

Invest in Winter Riding Gear

As stated in the tip above, riding dirt bikes in the winter requires additional gear to ensure that you will stay warm in the cooler temperatures. Layers are a great way to keep warm, so consider adding thermal underwear and fleece lined socks to your riding attire.

Rain gear can also be a helpful addition to your bike riding gear in the colder months. Rain gear is great because it will keep you dry without weighing you down.

Pay Attention to How You’re Feeling

With the colder weather, riding dirt bikes outside brings on the added risk of hypothermia. Make sure that you are taking breaks, staying warm, and paying attention to your body and how it’s feeling. Even with the best equipment, the most important thing to do is know when you’re feeling too cold and need to go inside to warm up.

Enjoy taking advantage of the upcoming winter weather while you can. Before long, spring will be here and people will start looking at boats for sale or preparing dirt bikes for a sunny ride.

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