Personal watercraft platforms

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, including coastal towns in New York, and became second-most costly Hurricane in U.S. history. Of course, the most expensive repairs were needed for homes and businesses that were destroyed, but docks and marinas all over the coast line were also destroyed. While there might not be much that boat and dock owners can do to protect themselves against a hurricane of that magnitude, they can use the proper dock hardware to make sure that the standard wear and tear of a marine environment doesn’t do excessive damage. That is particularly true for owners who use plenty of accessories to make their dock do more than simply provide a place to park their boat.
There are a number of different items that boat owners can add to their dock to make it more useful. While dock boxes give some additional storage so that boating essentials don’t constantly need to be hauled back and forth, power pedestals prevent boat batteries from dying while they are docked. On top of that, dock bumpers are vital for making sure boats and docks alike are not damaged while parking takes place in choppy water. Regardless of the specific combination of items a boat owner chooses, securing them with strong and dependable dock hardware is a must to prevent them from getting swept away.
In the same way that there are plenty of different accessories you can add to a dock, dock owners can choose from several materials for the hardware they need. The best option, however, is always hot dipped galvanized steel, which is stronger and more durable than other materials. Items like corner and connecting brackets, backing plates, and pipe holders need to be strong to withstand wind and waves, so choosing cheap, light materials is unwise. Instead, dock owners who want to be protected against summer storms should invest in galvanized steel dock hardware.
A once-in-a-lifetime storm like Hurricane Sandy will likely to damage to docks and boats regardless of how well they are constructed. But the right hardware can help make sure that they are able to withstand all the normal challenges associated with marine environments. It is vital to choose the right materials to make sure that dock accessories are not destroyed or lost during “regular” storms.

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