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Spear fishing is one of the oldest methods of hunting and has been used by people around the world. Spearfishing can be done in shallow coastal waters, inland lakes and rivers and in deep water using a boat. It?s a great sport for anyone who scuba dives, surfs, or loves the ocean, fishing, and just being in the water. Spearfishing gear can be expensive, but it?s a good idea to pay for quality. Your dinner and possibly your life may depend on it.

Spearfishing past and present
Spearfishing history goes back thousands of years. Archeologists have found it depicted on cave art dating back to 16,000 years ago, which means that it predates settled agriculture. Nowadays, pneumatic rifle spearguns are used by divers.
For those getting started, it?s a good idea to take a training course to learn the basics. It?s important to have a diving buddy and one of the best ways to find a diving buddy is by joining a club.

Spearfishing hunting techniques
Spearfishing techniques include free diving, snorkeling and scuba diving, depending on the location. Shore or free diving is done from a land base, typically in non-tidal freshwater bodies like lakes and rivers and in shallow tidal waters like harbors, bays and estuaries. Shore divers can reach depths of 16 to 83 feet, depending on their location.
Boat diving gives access to a larger area, and blue water spearfishing can take fishermen as far afield as Fiji and South Africa. The world record for the largest fish speared was set in 1999 by Brad Neilson. Boat diving off the coast of South Africa with his buddies, he speared a Marlin weighing 581 pounds.

Finding a diving buddy
One of the most important things that newbies are warned about is to never go spearfishing alone. For a number of reasons, it is important to always have a diving buddy and to establish a buddy protocol. A diving buddy is as important as spearfishing gear, including the speargun.
A diving buddy can save your life in the event of a blackout, and vice versa. Blackouts can even happen in shallow water. It also helps to know that someone has your back, and you catch more fish with a diving buddy. Having a diving buddy also gives you more visibility, making it easier for boats and other divers to see and avoid hitting you.

Spearfishing is a great sport for those who love the ocean, scuba diving, fishing, or some combination of these. Beginners should take a training course and invest in some spearfishing gear. Whether they are beginners or experienced, divers should always have a diving buddy for safety and back up.

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