Inside the waistband leather holster

One of the most important parts of owning a gun is keeping is safely stored. A gun is made to be durable but a trigger is extremely sensitive. One mistake is all it takes for a gun to accidentally start firing. Gun holsters are made to keep these devices locked in place without any worries of accidental shots being fired. It’s understandable to wonder about which types of gun holsters for men are available. Here are four common types of gun holsters.

  1. Inside the Waistband

    An inside the waistband holster allows a weapon to be concealed effectively. You’ll want to ensure you’re wearing the right type of clothing with this type of holster. Many people who aren’t used to wearing IWB gun holsters for men will want to wear larger pants. An inside the waistband holster places the weapon between your body and the pants you’re wearing. If you’re wearing this type of holster for long periods of time, it’s best to wear an undershirt to avoid friction on the skin caused by the weapon.
  2. Outside the Waistband

    You’ll find that there are many types of gun holsters for men. Holsters worn outside of the waistband are commonly used in the field of law enforcement. A holster that is worn outside of the waistband is typically positioned near the wearer’s side. Having the holster placed near the side of the wearer allows them to easily draw the weapon. Many outside the waistband holders feature a latch that keeps the weapon tightly and safely secured.
  3. Ankle Holster

    Many holsters are typically worn near the waistband area. One drawback of an ankle holster is that it doesn’t offer immediate access to a weapon. In addition, many ankle holsters are known to feel uncomfortable. The average ankle holster is typically small which often limits weapon selection. An ankle holster is often tough to properly conceal, especially when sitting down.
  4. Over the Shoulder

    Not everyone will be able to utilize a waistband holster. Many people prefer to utilize a shoulder rig if waistband concealment isn’t an option. A shoulder holster safely conceals a weapon while working to keep it hidden. It’s common for a shoulder holster to be worn on the opposite side of the wearer’s drawing hand. For instance, if someone prefers to draw with their right hand, a shoulder holster needs to be worn on the left side.

In summary, there are many types of gun holsters for men. A leather holster is often preferred due to the fact that it is extremely durable. Many types of gun holsters are worn inside or outside of the waistband. It’s important that someone wearing an IWB holster has proper protection. A weapon that continually rubs against the skin may create inflammation. Outside the waistband gun holsters are often worn in the field of law enforcement. Ankle holsters are often utilized when waistband holsters aren’t allowed to be used. A shoulder rig is a type of holster that allows the weapon to rest under the arm. It’s important to wear a holster while carrying a weapon.

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