Underwater dock lights

Spending time on the water is something that just about everyone can enjoy. Whether it is in the form of boating, swimming, relaxing on the beach, or kicking back on the dock while your feet dangle into the water, there is just something soothing and rejuvenating about hanging out on a lake or seafront, or even on the bank of a river or among the reeds of a pond.

From fishing to paddle boarding, there is always something to do among the waves or on the water’s edge. For those who have the pleasure of access to a dock, there are ways to make the experience even better. By lining LED marine dock lights down near or below the water, you add a special added touch of elegance and intrigue.

Getting fancy with LED marine dock lights

There are plenty of reasons to string along underwater LED lights on your dock. First of all, there are the practical reasons:

  • Visibility for watercraft
    Back in 2015, there were over 4,000 cases of recreational boating crashes and accidents. Highlighting your protruding dock is a great way to call attention to it for fellow boaters or water enthusiasts. It is a sort of modern, more stylish version of a lighthouse, warning those on the water to steer clear of a collision.
  • Further safety precautions
    There are far too many accidental drownings every year, especially among children. Stringing up some lights along the dock will give kids a point of reference, both from underwater nearby or from afar if they start to drift a bit too far away.
  • Attracting marine life
    Some types of fish and other aquatic life are drawn to certain lights. Whether you are hoping to lure in a nice catch, or you want to gleefully watch the marine life dance below, installing those lights could be the perfect way to bring the underwater world to you.
  • The pure aesthetic nature of it
    LED marine dock lights create a serene ambiance that you have to experience to truly appreciate. There is an almost magical feeling as you watch the lights bounce around with the water. Studies have revealed that white, green, or blue underwater LED lights are the three best colors to choose from if your goal is to draw in marine life. Other than that, the rainbow aqua show is up to you!

Glimmering perfection for the perfect waterside visit

Whatever your motivation for having lights on your dock, you will be pleased with the outcome, and for more reasons than the simple aesthetics or even for the allure for marine life. LED lights for underwater use usually have a life expectancy of about 100,000 hours or even more. If you are using those lights for about eight hours every single night, that works out to those lights lasting more than 34 years. And as you decide just which lights to get, remember to consider the three main aspects that factor in to the distance that the lights will shine through the water.

  1. Brightness of the LED light
  2. Color of the lights
  3. Clarity of the water

Marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols would be an individual who you could consider to be an authority on all things marine. According to Nichols, taking just 15 minutes of your day to spend it in view of water can have a pretty significant impact. This time spent on the water can end up reducing a person’s stress, and on top of that, boost their cognitive function throughout the course of the day. Imagine putting in those 15 minutes as the sun sinks, and seeing those beautiful lights and colors beginning to twinkle from beneath the water’s surface lining your dock. LED marine dock lights could add beauty and convenience to your life like you never imagined possible.

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